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Richard, here in the States, a car with a title that has been declared 'Totaled', 'Salvaged', 'Branded', etc. Does directly hurt the value, ... present and future.

Scott Behncke
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Sorry to hear (and see) the news of the fire. I recently went through a similar incident with my cousins Mustang. I did my own "estimate" of the parts needing replaced and costs of those parts. The insurance adjuster confirmed the replacement parts, costs and then added the "labor" costs into his adjustment. I was pleasantly surprised, when asked, about the labor. The insurance company did not care if I took the car to a shop or repaired it myself. Because of that I actually got paid to work on my own (actually my cousins) car for once.

I explained the difference between NOS parts costs, Ford Tooling reproductions, and aftermarket parts. We had to use a combination of all three, but he and I were satisfied in the end. Get your NPD, Virginia Classic Mustang, or favorite venders catalog out and start a list.

Good Luck!


68 S code GT Fastback, 68 J code GT Conv., 68 1/2 R code GT Coupe

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Sorry to hear about your car. If you have insurance with a classic car insurance company like Hagerty they are pretty good about restoring the car to your specs (up to the agreed to value).

'68 GT/CS, Presidential Blue, Numbers Matching, J-Code, C-4
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68 special
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Ouch, So, So Sorry Donna. But as everyone said, it can be repaired. I completely agree with Steve, don't remove anything. Take all the time you need to look it over, make a list of parts. It will several times looking at it to make sure you haven't missed anything.

Keep us posted and between you and the experts here, she will be back on the road before you know it. Good Luck

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Best of luck Donna, I'm sure you'll have it back to near original soon, so glad we have it imortalized in the CS book forever as it was.

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Scott, here in Australia we actually have things called "expats". People who actually travel the world and end up living in a place where they were not born. Some are called "Americans"...

It is so nice for you to explain to the ferriners how things work in a place we only hear about on the wireless...

Two Boss 9's.

One stolen stripped of parts and dumped. Clean OEM metal, clean original paint, just missing parts. Salvage title in 1976. Dry storage since.

One rusted hulk pulled from the mud last week, missing the same parts. Owner has title.

Take both to the same restoration shop. Restore both to the same level, with the exact same parts/process. Document them fully.

Sell them. The salvage tile won't mean squat, and only an idiot would sell that one for less than the one with replaced metal.

Saying "a salvage title hurts value" is a simplistic one-size-fits-all answer. For a restored and driving/titled collectable (we're not talking a used Yugo here) it won't matter as long as the reason and restoration are disclosed.

The condition of the car and facts set the market value, not the wording on a piece of paper (to most intelligent buyers).

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I didn't mean to start a squabble, but I have to say dalorzo, that not everyone that disagrees with you is an idiot. Not every buyer is as "enlightened" as you, and personally, I use every tool I can to get the price of a car down when I'm buying one. Not original engine/tranny? That should be good for a bargaining chip. Salvage title? Sure, I know it could be something minor, but it could also mean the front end was ripped off by a freight train. If I had a chance to buy two identical cars for exactly the same price and one said "Salvage" or "Rebuilt", I'd go for the other without a second thought.

Donna, sorry your thread got hijacked by something I said. Please know that I was only trying to look out for your best interests.


The wannabe formerly known as an owner.
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I'm sorry

Really sorry to hear what has happen. I really like the way everyone has come together and shown support for Donna. I'm really glad I'm apart of this group it feels like family

fourth GT/CS
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I'll bet that among all of us we have enough spare parts to put your car back together!
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robert campbell
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Arlie is correct. Rob has a complete louver hood with all wiring and hood locks.
Looking at the picture, your hood may be savable with just some new louvers in the opening. The dash looks the worst and the main wiring harness must be addressed. It was definitely not an electrical caused fire, but gas as Tim indicated. It is centered around the carb.

I hope we can leave the salvaged vice repair vein on this thread. It is a moot point for Donna as she just wants her car repaired. Steve was just trying to make a point about the value of cars these days with the information available. Nothing more nothing less. And he volunteered to assist in the fix.

Donna, you will need a period correct carb at a minimum. The rest looks very fixable. The new ozone machines can rid a car of lots of smell. They can eliminate years of cigarette smoke!

Put fans in it like Steve suggested. Dry it out and leave in in tack. Rust in the floor pans will not be a problem. Just dry it out. Let the adjuster see it as is.

GT/ will help you!!! Now if we can source that lime gold paint........ Just kidding.

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And I have the dash harness if needed (Original, in good condition), instrument bezel, dash pieces.

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I'm so sorry to hear of your tragedy ... it really must be hard to believe it's all happening to you ... I'm very glad to see that it looks like it's repairable, and that there's plenty of help being offered here to you ... I hope and pray that the insurance company will be cooperative and maybe you can get your Cal Special back on the road, maybe even better than before ...

"Always do right. This will gratify some people, and astonish the rest." - Mark Twain
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Midnight Special
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Originally Posted by robert campbell View Post

Donna, you will need a period correct carb at a minimum. The rest looks very fixable.

GT/ will help you!!!
...I'll check tonight as I'm pretty sure I have a couple of correct 2v carbs. Do I send them to Rob for refurb ??

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air cleaner assy.

I think I have an air cleaner and S tube heat riser, it is off a J code 302, but should be the same for a 289.

Rob, She told me the car cooked for about 10 minutes until the FD arrived. My bet is the hood is toast. Mike

Mike Jewell
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If Mike doesn't have the air cleaner, I think I have one that would be correct, but it's missing the snorkel. I also have a pair of shock tower braces, if those were damaged.


The wannabe formerly known as an owner.
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