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AOD Tranny Swap

Once again my height (6'8") seems to be getting in my way of having a stick in a car. I originally intended to put a Tremec in my GTCS but it looks like I'll need to keep the car an Automatic if I want to still drive it. The C4 is on it's last leg in the car. So I want to do the AOD swap when I pull the engine. Any recommendations on brands? TCI? B&M? Performance Automatic? I know the name TCI so I thought that might be the way to go. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks!

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I have a couple of buddies that both bought Lentech AOD's

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This thread may help.
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Go to
They have a lot of help there.
I did get a few parts from them, but mainly I bought the conversion kit from when they had a sale. My transmission came from a local shop. I really enjoy the swap over. The only thing I can't get right is the speedo gear. I couldn't imagine being 6'8" in this car. I wish the seat would track further back just so I can get the seat belt to fit better.
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Think about a Tilt Steering Column.

I am 6'04" and both my cars are sticks. I had to put a tilt column in one of mine (the other already had one) to be able to use the clutch pedal. One click up from straight on moved the steering wheel far enough up so my knee cleared the wheel and door. Might be something to consider if you really want a stick.

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Lentech is my recommendation. Get the valve body so it shifts like C4. I hated my AOD until I installed his. I got the AO-Dominator from Performance Automatic Transmission Center. It has been a great transmission and I got the complete conversion kit from them. But If I did it all over again I would go with Lentech. Might be a couple dollars more, but Len Bertrand has the bullet proof stuff I wanted. I got a torque converter from TCI that had a defective weld around the crank alignment bung in the center of it that mates to the crank shaft. Called them and they were quick to replace it, the labor to dig it out and put it back in...... No relief. In my case it was my labor, but what if I had a shop do it. Rob was an unhappy boy removing and replacing the C6 just for their factory defect.
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