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A little guidence please

Hi guys

I now have the CS nestled in the shop with the other toys and need to start thinking of what to do and where to start doing it.

I would appreciate a little input on what direction you guys think I should I am not planning on a color change or anything that uses a sawzall!

So this car is so rust free and solid I am not sure if I should tackle a over the top resto or just do what needs to be done to make it an ultra nice driver.

The car has huge potential but not sure where to draw the line I am leaning toward a real nice driver slash show car (not concourse) but just local cruise in family type stuff.

Any recommendations of who to use for restoration parts? best quality stuff?

One question have is on Disc Brakes....I would love to add them as safe stopping is important to me how will the affect the value in the long run? or will it. I know from a gold standard show thing it will but how about for the normal show/driver aspect?

I will probably be asking lots of stupid questions so bear with me!

Thanks all
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National Parts Depot sells some very good reproduction parts. Scott Drake is very good on some stuff, and not quite so much on others. In my case, I try to use the best parts I can, and keep the car as original as possible without breaking the bank. I'm not going concours, but I do appreciate originality.

I have drum brakes and they were totally rebuilt last year. The car stops pretty good, so I am happy with them. I don't think adding disc brakes to your car would hurt the value.

Steve Cracknell
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Thanks Steve! As an FYI I have a place on the inner Harbour! LOVE IT!
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I would consider switching to discs if you are going to drive it a lot as they do perform better.

For a C code 289-2v I would do as you mentioned...a real nice driver. Not sure if concours is justified - unless you really want to. I am doing the same on my j-code right now - close, but not concours. So the things I did change were the color, motor build, rear end and AC compressor. I am finishing most parts to original specifications as much as I can without draining the bank...I want to drive it and not be too worried I just got a ding in my NOS radiator or something like that.

With that said, I love to look at concours restored cars and admire those that have the knowledge and stamina to go concours.

Lastly, this car was pretty much a shell - and I have had to source a lot of parts. I have bought just about everything new that I could not strip off a parts car - so everything but brackets and fasteners. I have been pretty frustrated at times with the sloppy fit from just about every reproduction manufacturer out there. I am sure that Scott Drake's instances are the highest, but it makes sense that a large percentage of what is reproduced is made by him. I am just glad that NPD is pretty liberal with their return policy. Another shameless plug for NPD is their prices are generally the best.

Good Luck and post pictures of your progress!

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I am going to echo what x-codegtcs said above.

My project is planned exactly like he described, close but not concours. I don't have air conditioning.
I added factory disc brakes from a 1970. I could have used the distribution block and proportioning valve from a 1968-69, to keep it sneaky concours, but I'm not. Although I have some reproduction blocks and valves coming soon to evaluate.

The key places to start are the things that make the car safe for you and your family.
Brakes, steering, tires, lights, inspect fuel lines, etc. The next thing is reliability. Pertronix? new gas tank if the old one has been dormant for years.

Scott Behncke
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West Coast Classic Cougar A good source for Mustang mechanical parts too.
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...C codes are fabulous, easy to maintain and economic "drivers". The average admirer wouldn't care whether it's an 'S', 'J' or even 'R' code, yet yours will look just as good parading around without the "concours" obligation and risk. Personally, I also wouldn't go to the trouble or $$ to add front discs & all that so long as you drive it respectfully with appreciation for what it is. Beyond that (and getting good quality parts) - it's all up to you... I think the main thing is to keep it 100% returnable to factory stock, but feel free to wear out non-NOS mechanical parts under the hood while your having fun with it...

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Originally Posted by BOSS3024ME View Post
Thanks Steve! As an FYI I have a place on the inner Harbour! LOVE IT!
You live in Victoria? Cool. If you are not already, you might want to consider joining the local Mustang club. Vancouver Island Mustang Association. Al Page and myself are members. He has an S code GT/CS, while mine is a C code like yours.

Steve Cracknell
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Discs are a nice upgrade, but I'll second that they are not needed if a simple "around town" driver. OEM drums, maintained properly, are fine. Less cost than a swap. If you do go for the upgrade I'd suggest looking into Chockostang and an OEM style setup. Similar price to after market and keeps the car period correct and all bolts in easily.

+1 on NPD, and while not always cheapest (as they have infrastructure and stock and are not just a middle man ordering from elsewhere and forwarding orders) the customer service is A+.

As for paint. I hit the same issue on my C code and ended up stripping the engine bay and body completely to bare metal, but will not be touching the underside other than cleaning. This was due to some past average body work and a second paint job of dubious quality as a base for a 3rd coat. So invested more than a scratch-and-shoot, but now know the condition of the metal and that the paint is good for a long time.

On repro parts, ask who the manufacturer is, as there are a few. NPD will list different items and note "best" and IME they are pretty good with the ratings. Some repros are just junk, and some average, a result of the majority buying on price, not quality.

Ask lots of questions, many have gone down the path before. You will get different opinions (as you did here on the disc issue) so take it all in and then decide what is best for you.
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I wouldnt switch to discs either. I have a c-code with drum breaks. After the initial shock at the test drive where it felt I had to push the plate through the floor to get it to stop I am very happy with it. When you get used to it I think it will feel safe enough.

1968 GT/CS Meadowlark Yellow C-Code
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