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ebay listing GT/CS Clone

The below posting on ebay should bring a chuckle. It's not even a very good clone. Guess everyone is trying to get in the game. Wonder how they expect to sell with only a 66.7% rating on ebay. As the ad says "it's one of a kind".

Don ::)
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Re:ebay listing GT/CS Clone

No kidding!!!! That has got to be one of the worst clones around. Its a good thing I didnt have this guy install my stripes or emblems. It always amuses me to see guys list their generic mustangs as "california specials" or "GT's" or "Shelby's" or "cobra's", or in this case, all of the above!!!
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Re:ebay listing GT/CS Clone

ya, this guy is not even close. rear end caps and deck lid dont even line up right, not even close on the grill and STRIPES!!!!!!. and he says most of the hard work is done, not even close, doesnt even have the CS tailights. ???

if this is his kinda work, id hate to see what the other stuff looks like. ::)
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Old 11/04/2004, 07:27 AM   #4
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Re:ebay listing GT/CS Clone

Yep, I was wondering if the trunk and end caps were "factory" fiberglass...or homemade?
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Re:ebay listing GT/CS Clone

How can you guys be so harsh!!!!!!!!!!!! That car would make a great chicken coop. any self respecting hen would be proud to nest inside. Bluto........... ;D
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Re:ebay listing GT/CS Clone

Clone is a pretty strong word for this this car, let's call it a nice 67 with stripes, side scoops, and a very interesting rear spoiler. At least he isn't trying to pretend it's original.

His low feedback is from one confused person, however it is still risky spending big dollars with someone who only has 3 feedbacks.
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Re:ebay listing GT/CS Clone

Youv'e got to admit, at this price for a '67, if not a rust bucket...and some potentially valuable fiberglass pieces, if original fiberglass...hmmm.
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