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Kevin C. Anderson

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1968 Salvage Title Value

I am A GT/CS mustang lover, Ive been looking for a GT/CS for quite some time now. I'm a very picky person and I'm looking for a Specific one, I recently came across one that I truly thought was the perfect car for me. I looked the car over two different times and was about to put the car on my car carrier, after I had bought the car from this person he handed me the title of the car which read "SALVAGED" across the top of the California Title. I was upset and I called the deal off!! The car is a true California Special That is Ivy Gold. The interior is also Ivy Gold. He is asking 9000.00 for the car. It shows no signs of a bad accident, though I do Know the front passenger fender has been replaced. What value does this Original rust free car have. 74,500 original miles!
I love the car but don't know if I should buy it? I wish I could Take this whole web site with me to look at the car. Any comments are appreciated.
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Re:1968 Salvage Title Value

Personaly I dont know what SALVAGED means. I do know that if the car is a true CS and everything seems right and you really like it, go for it. If your doing it to re-sell it later on, well then wait for the smarter people to mosy by. just my 2 cents but I'm 18 and crazy about old cars so dont take me to serious ;D
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PB gtcs

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Re:1968 Salvage Title Value

Kevin, in Missouri, a salvage title can mean many things. It could have been totaled some time and repaired, stolen and sold at auction by insurance company, in a flood at some time and again sold at auction by the insurance Company. I know folks that buy a lot of "salvage title" stuff. Some are very new that with this title, the warranty goes away. So, if you really want to know, you should be able to do a little research at the state level to find out why it has a salvage title. Then you can make a more informed decision. If you decide to go for it, welcome to the community.

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Re:1968 Salvage Title Value

Kevin; go to this web page (cut and paste) for California DMV which relates to Title questions. This should answer your questions and raise quite a few more.

Good Luck

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Re:1968 Salvage Title Value

In my state (Michigan) a salvage title is branded to the car when it is damaged beyond it's replacement value. However, this does not necessarily mean the car has been wrecked. If a car is stolen and stripped, the replacement parts could exceed the cars value. This is determined by the insurance company, who have a long list of criteria they follow to determine a damaged cars value.
My advice would be to delve into the cars past history as much as you can and try to find out what happened to it. If this car was a stolen recovery, or under water does not always mean it is junk. Be sure all the CS parts are correct and intact and you may be able to beat the guy up on his price and get a really good deal.
Like I said before, different states have different criteria for branding a title.
Unfortunately in this state, a salvege title means the car is worth only half of it's retail value.
Hope this helps a little.
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Kevin C. Anderson

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Re:1968 Salvage Title Value

:) Thanks For all the great help. I've decided to let this car slide. Because I can't find out that much about it harsh past. If any one wants to know where this car is please e-mail me at
P.S Tha car is in Bakersfield California!
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