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Oh the irony

I saw one of these at my dealer's service center yesterday:

The one I saw had 670 graphics on the front fenders which stood for 670 HP. Awesome beast of a 'stang but I could not help but think how ironic it is that a super gas guzzler is only available to those that lately, for the most part, are in all reality deployed to the middle east to insure our supply of cheap gas.

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Nice cars, and well.... on the oil issue. Based on 2014 data, the US was the #1 producer of oil on the planet. Iraq was #8 in 2014, Afghanistan is irrelevant with respect to oil (their cash crop is poppies).

Not sure how the wars in the two countries does anything to modify Saudi, Russian, Chinese and Canadian production (w/the US the top 5 producers in 2014).

Out of the top 20 countries producing oil (again 2014 data), only 6 are in the Middle East... And only 1 is involved in our mess there. Not a big game changer or real impact, as oil prices are driven by the global economy and industry, not the US actions in the Iraq.

So really the "war for cheap oil" mantra is a common myth that has little to do with the real economics of oil. The GFC had a far greater impact, but no one blames Wall St for fixing oil prices! Similar logic...

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The key is "cheap" oil. Saudi is #2 almost even with US in production volume. With all the US regulation oil extraction here is very expensive where in unregulated countries the supply is had much cheaper.

While the lions share of oil in the US is had from North of the US and South of the US the balance of the Saudi oil, that is not brought into the US, is sold to US "strategic allies" (Europe, Japan, China, etc). The US presence in the middle east is really a mercenary force to "protect" oil interests in the region. From the first article I link to below: Jimmy Carter first asserted that the United States would secure Middle Eastern oil and natural gas by “any means necessary, including military force.”

Back in the early to mid '70's we experienced the Arab oil embargo and had lines waiting to get gas that were miles long. Several US politicians got in bed with the Arabs and all of a sudden the cheap oil supply was back to full on and at the same time we started putting military muscle in the middle east mostly in countries that the Saudi's have issues with:

The irony in all that is in our fight against "terrorism" it appears much of the terrorist ideals, and funding, come from our "close allies" the Saudis who happen to be the largest supplier of "cheap" oil to US and our ally consumers mostly because they are not subject to pressures put on by US environmentalists, fair labor laws, etc.

No myth about it. Most of the domestic supply is hoarded and serves to insure WOW will be served first.

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