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Deck lid question

Hi all,
We have had beautiful weather here inthe west and I've had the CS out quite a bit. She turns even more heads now that she's been spruced up One thing though that has bothered me is the comments I get on the deck lid not lining up. Now I may be wrong about this but I remember reading on another thread that this is a sign of a true CS and that those that have fixed it have had problems with trunk leaks. My body guy did want to fix it but I told him to leave it alone. Now I'm wondering if I should have it fixed? What has everyone done here with the off kilter deck lid?

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I've left mine exactly as it is. I'm afraid that if I try fixing it the trunk lid will break. I've tried putting weight on it this past winter to no avail. Besides, finding an original trunk lid is next to impossible. And I don't care what anyone says about Branda - it takes a lot of work and sanding and fitting to get their sub-standard fiberglass to fit. I'll keep my original deck lid the way it is.


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Since my car had been hit lightly in the back when I bought it, I had no choice but to repair it and I made everything line up when I did. I've had no leaks. With that being said, I would leave the original just as it is. If you start adding bondo, fiberglass, whatever, it will never be "original" again and you will create a problem with making the deck lid heavier and the springs might not keep it open.

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I agree with Steve and Don, it is a sign of the real thing. Mine is warped slightly upward on one side, and I tried putting heavy books on it over the winter, but it didnt help. It is the character of the car. I would not think of changing mine out. Casey

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Mine is a bit bowed also. I am guessing this is a common issue with the fiberglass. I'd guess that even if you fixed it, it would happen again over time.

My trunk lid also has a slight color variation from the rest of the car. Fiberglass vs metal.
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Sara, where does your decklid not line up. The spoiler/end cap alignment looks great in the gallery pictures. Is the problem along the fender line where the deck lids tend to bow up?

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Arlie, it is actually the spoiler/end caps that don't line up. It's off maybe a centimeter or 2 on both sides. It doesn't seem to be bowed at all. It doesn't stay open either but I've never delt with this because I'm rarely in the trunk. So with this problem and the mis-alignment makes me wonder if I need to add it to the 'to do' list.

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Here is some idea's for you that I sure everyone has already thought of. Our decklid is Branda. We had no choice but to buy a new one because we did not have one to begin with. After much sanding and adjusting, we got our decklid to fit pretty well (very well before we installed the decklid seal which made it alittle high on back).

Anyway, there are adjustments. I would assume most of you had already tried this but just in case. If you want to pull the decklid down towards the front of the car, you adjust the hinge bolts on the car side. Loosen and push the decklid down in small increments. If you want adjust side to side (to close a gap at the back of the car with the end caps) you would loosen the hinge bolts ont the decklid. Again, small increments.

If you want to pull the back of the decklid down (pulling down the spoiler), you would adjust the latch on the car. Loosen and push down on the car side latch. You will know if you went to far when the decklid won't close. I have done this before and need to do it again now that my seal is getting some age to it.

Lastly, you can adjust the end caps. The bolts are located inside the trunk and you can loosen and pull up just a hair to make the decklid align with the end caps. Before I went there, I would adjust my decklid latch until no more adjustment could be made.

If you have a warpage problem, well then you are stuck with it. In my opinion, I do think the decklid looks better when it aligns with everything else but I also know that many of ours fit better than they did when they were new.

I would not ever change out an original for an aftermarket. However, ours did not turn out to bad.

Hope this helps someone.


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