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Tell Ford SVT what you think of the '07 GT/CS

The cat is out of the bag, and we've seen the "spy photos" (see the other thread about the '07 Article here on this board) (or someone can re-post them here).

NOW is the time we need to tell Ford SVT (the folks who are designing the speciality Mustangs) what you like or don't like about the proposed 2007 (Summer '06) Mustang GT/CS.

Here is their website:

Go to: "Contact us", and look for the fax number (313-621-2500). They will look at the faxes. First of all, be polite, and point out that you ARE a Ford enthusiast, and faithful owner of a classic GT/CS (or HCS). Mention that you are in the GT/CS Registry, and that it is 900 members strong.

(or write to:)
SVT Information Center
P.O. Box 490
Dearborn, MI 48121

1-800-FORD-SVT (1-800-367-3788)

If you aren't sure about faxing--then please make your comments about the new CS here. I'll put them together, and fax them myself, with a (polite) but direct letter.

This is a prime opportunity to get your thoughts across. You might tell how this Mustang would sell--as something in the shadow of the GT-500 (they also have a GT/CS convertible planned, too.

Thanks for your help!! Please do it today.

Paul M. Newitt
GT/CS Registry
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As a consequence of these "spy photos" of (what may be the pilot car for) the '07 GT/CS, I will be writing a letter to SVT to explain who I am, and to (politely) point out some of the things we have discussed here. I think with the advent of these boards, it would be amiss to not take advantage of your immediate comments, and compile them to let SVT know what we think. After all, we are closer to the GT/CS than anyone else on the planet!

Here will be some of my comments:

1. Front Fascia: Should look more likethe Shelby GT-500. At least the same "mouth" under the bumper as the Shelby. The grille should be sans running horse. Rectangular fog lights placed in the grille would be more appropiate than the GT Fogs. The '05 "Pony" (and Ford GT) fog lights would be better (but without horse and chrome trim). This would make the '07 CS more discinctive.

2. Side Stripe: Try to use the "GT/CS" logo on the side scoop, instead of the forward door area. Since the '04 Mach 1 used the original font, please use the same, 1968 font for the logo

3. Side Scoop: the side scoop should be wide enough in proportion to accept the striped GT/CS logo. No upper side scoop. This will allow greater "blind spot" visibility, as well as continue the "lower scoop only for the CS" for the convertible version (so it looks consistent).

4. Ducktail spoiler only--no wing. Please use similar striping on the back of the spoiler to (at least) mimick the original 1968 decklid stripes.

5. A distinctive taillight panel, between the taillights could mimick the '65 T-Bird lights, as well as include a center section (around the faux gas cap) that would include the words "CALIFORNIA SPECIAL" in chrome that ran across the bottom. At least the lettering: "GT/CS" placed in the middle of the gas cap (similar to the "CE" already in use in No. California).

ANY other comments--ideas?? Please write them here on this thread ASAP. My letter goes out on Monday (Jan 30th).


Paul Newitt
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Since we now have two threads going, thought I'd repost the photo's on this thread also for folks to see.

Attached Thumbnails
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Name:	GTCS_1.jpg
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Name:	GTCS_2.jpg
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Name:	GTCS_3.jpg
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Might as well post this photo also. At least to me it looks more like a GT/CS then the one above. Just my thoughts on it. Heck, they even used the Styled Steel wheel with the GT center cap. It's not the greatest styling but, it sure beats what they've got planned so far.

Attached Thumbnails
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Name:	2008 GTCS.jpg
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68 GT/CS 390 "S" Code, 4 spd, 93 LX Hatchback Supercharged
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Thanx for sharing those photos Don. I was hoping to see a better shot of the car.
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Those photo's were posted on a couple sites earlier but, somebody got excited and had them pulled. Glad I went shopping before they pulled them.


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Originally Posted by 68gt390
Might as well post this photo also. At least to me it looks more like a GT/CS then the one above. Just my thoughts on it. Heck, they even used the Styled Steel wheel with the GT center cap. It's not the greatest styling but, it sure beats what they've got planned so far.

At least that one looks distinctive. I'd buy that one. Don't know how they would blend the scoops into the rear wheel arches without designing a new quarter, though.

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Hello All.

To me the 3 concept pictures dont distinguish the new gtcs from a regular 2006 body style mustang. I think the new GTCS should look Better than a regular 2006 mustang. Probably most of you have seen pictures of the new Dodge Challenger concept. It is really styled close to the original however a little more aerodynamic and modern. Well i really wish that ford would make the new california special modeled closer to what our 68 GTCS's look like but more aerodynamic and modern also.

I agree with what Paul said on every item. That Scoop on the side isnt quite right. I'd like to see the GT/CS original font on the scoop too.

I hope they completely redesign it and release it in 08 instead of 07.
These specialty cars should not be rushed out to sell. I think this new GTCS could be Fords chance to bring back a lot of attention to the Domestic market.
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Thanks, David, I agree.

When the '04 Mach 1 came out, I thought..."weeelllll", and it was "OK", but it didn't quite capture that Mach 1 look.

I get the feeling that Ford wants to go on the cheap with the CS. I don't think that heated seats and a compass on the mirror is going to draw folks to the CS idea. I'm thinking that if they did wide taillights and a ducktail spoiler--and a better front fascia--it might overshadow the other Mustangs too much.

I'll be passing these comments on to SVT on Monday. I think they need to hear it.

Also--why not make available a series of "Ford approved" Mustang acessories for the Shelby and GT/CS; available through the dealer? You buy the basic CS, then dress it up as you like it with a series of parts (hood, taillights, etc.).

Paul N.
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Production is too near to make such major changes. I contacted my friend that works in Ford styling and he said orders have already went out for the tooling for the specialty parts. The GT/CS was revisited to assist in boosting sales, not to be true to the original. If you want all the features of the original GT/CS, buy an original. There is not a chance in hell that Ford would consider a spoilered deck lid and taillight panel for the car. These changes alone would push costs through the roof for this simple "sales promotion" vehicle. Not to be rude, but Ford marketing has already done millions of dollars worth of market research on the mustang, and a letter of marketing advise from a self appointed, non-industry “GT/CS expert” isn’t going to change a thing. If you would like to supply a professionly done pro-forma income statement, along with a financial analysis of the return such proposed changes would increase sales and profits, Ford might take you seriously, but until then, the only reply you will recieve, if any, will only be a polite thank you type response. It’s always better to live realistically than in a dream world.

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I think Paul should give it a try anyway.

You are right - corporate America makes business decisions and not hobby decisions. But, Ford has listened to the hobby in the past and kept things like the solid rear axle. Their marketing must have a customer segment in mind for the GT/CS - I wonder who that is? In 68 it was the "I want a Shelby I can drive daily, but cant afford a Shelby" market. We were sorta hoping that would be the same market today - thus the ducktail spoiler, scoops, etc would be nice.

If Ford doesnt do it, maybe we should work with a company to create the after market parts to 'customize' the new GT/CS to add the parts for a more "Shelby" like feel. Lower volume for the hobby, but still a business? (just thinking out loud).

Anyone know if there is California Special script anywhere on the car, or is it billed as a GT/CS only? Casey
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Why isn`t it a coupe? Does`nt Ford make Mustang coupes anymore?

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I bet they put California Special on the trunk lid

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I haven't for a minute looked outside the realities of how the corporate world makes these type of decisions. I am a designer by profession, and I am well aware of how these things work. I am well versed at seeing it at Disney theme parks, and in TV and Movie production, which I have been a part of, too. But, in this instance, I wanted to open up a forum on thoughts about what "could" be a wish list for the '07 GT/CS. I wanted to encourage everyone here to express their hopes and opinions. With the reality of costs in mind, I still wanted to explore what other CS owners thought would be "neat" to see on this new Mustang. There is nothing wrong with that. It's from those "blue sky" ideas that some things happen. Chisling down through costs and other corporate whims, egos, and subjective decisions is all part of that design process. It happens all the time.

However, there appears to be this HUGE disconnect between the Mustang enthusiasts, and how Ford design and styling makes their decisions. Without a doubt, I (and some others here) know more about the GT/CS, it's heritage, history, origins and parts--than the entire team that worked on this new '07 version. I never said: "here is the wish list, so make it like this", and I wouldn't think of "pulling rank" on the design team. But this is a matter of respect and appreciation of the past.

I have every right to tell SVT what I think. So would anyone else. Ford actually asks for input at car shows, and through the mail. So, it makes no sense to ignore those who know a lot about how this car was originally produced. IF Ford want to make a turnaround, they might think about embracing the Mustang enthusiasts base first, and change their corporate stand-off attitude. Ford marketing didn't do their job. They didn't talk to me, nor did they persue this website for any opinions or thoughts from anyone else. I'd say that was their loss.

Your comment, Mike, of "self-appointed non-industry "GT/CS Expert" is a real cheap shot, and uncalled for. I know it was in the context of a corporate point of view, but there was no point in saying it. I've spent thousands of hours on this--and have helped and supported hundreds of owners. Quite frankly, there would be no late model GT/CS, if I'd hadn't kept it alive through my books, and the resulting information in magazines, and even by this website's existence. I've been doing this (at cost to me) since 1985, and if I hadn't, this Mustang would have fallen into obscurity (and the $2M Green Hornet would have never been found).

I don't expect much from SVT, if at all. A polite "thank you, but no thank you" probably, but it's on file, and someone will read it. I have that right to tell them what I think. It's not an ultimatum, it's just a reaction and some thoughts (remember the fiasco about the '94 horizonal taillights? Styling whined about it, but they changed them to verticle).

I've already had three offers to be interviewed by major automotive magazines to comment on the '07 GT/CS when it comes out, so, we'll see, huh?

Paul M. Newitt
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I'm curious...

All you read is that while Ford is having major problems, they can't keep up with the demand for the new Mustang. Why are they so concerned in putting out this edition to boost sales. You would think the Shelby coming out alone would boost sales. I don't see someone that wants the Shelby, but balk at the sticker price will say "hey, I'll just get the new GT/CS instead".
I would think they would just get a fully loaded GT.

Maybe I'm missing something.


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