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Smile "J" code CS for sale from this site,original components,options

Hi fellow CS,HSC friends.I say friends as some of you have answered questions for me to help in my resto of my CS car.This site has been great for a guy who never owned one before.I thank all who have helped me and would sorta like to return the favor by offering it here instead of another website or auction house.I'm only considering selling it if the offer is "right" to me.I did the research,I worked on it feverishly for 8 months,but my family has talked me into a different route on another car and 2 Mustangs won't work out.

HERE ARE THE OPTIONS backed up by deluxe Marti report: center console, power disc brakes, power steering, TILT-AWAY steering wheel, air conditioner-select aire, am radio, tinted glass, deluxe belts, remote control lefthand mirror, deluxe wheel covers.It is not one of the 14% true GT cars.

DOOR TAG: 65A...M...70...04D...71...5...W. The original doortag is intact and masked off during paint.

According to the Marti report, one of 82 built with these paint trim codes of Wimbledon white with red comfort weave seats. If I am correct,I learned from this site,only 962 302 4 barrel "J" codes were built and 658 were automatics.

The VIN is 8R01J155XXX. I would only release the full serial number to a serious interested party due to possible internet scams and for other security purposes. The VIN stamp on the front driver apron is under the fender lip but present as is another one at the battery box apron.VIN tag under the windshield is clearly visible and original.

It is registered with Paul for his book.He has the Marti as does Bob Teets,one of the nicest Ford guys I've ever had the pleasure of chatting with.It is a"J" code with the original engine,auto trans,and 3:00 8 inch non locking rear still intact.I've owned it over one year.I've driven it to cruises,to work,and just plain fun.It has near 140,000 miles on it.The engine starts immediately with 2 pumps of the pedal.The engine has some common lifter noise,the regular sound,not loud at all.The trans shifts ok.Either the power steering valve needs work or the steering box rebuilt as it oversteers with a light touch to the steering wheel.Thats's the only problem I have with it.I have no real puddles of fliud under the car when it is parked.Being 140K miles old,it has some seepage and drips underneath.It has rear air shocks but I haven't had to put any air in it since I've owned it.The brakes stop just fine.It has new raised white letter 60 series tires with correct 68 GT wheels,caps and rings.They wheels are painted argent,not chrome.The exterior body was stripped to bare metal and painted its correct wimbledon white basecoat/clearcoat.The hood was painted underneath as was the decklid.Doorjambs also painted as was the inside of the trunk area.There is still some detailing to do at the very underside of the qtr wraps,rocker wraps from overspray of black painting being done inside the wheelhouses.Can't get to it as my garage isn't heated.I do not see evidence of a wreck.The radiator support,tail light panel and aprons are straight.The 4 corners at the very bottoms of the quarter wheel house openings had small patches done in metal as did the lower left corner of the driver door in the common spot.Those quarter corners were too crusty in rust so I just had them cut out and properly replaced.I found some pinholes under the carpet on the toe board of the pass side and the area under the person's butt sitting in the back seat pass side.I just wire brushed them and sealed in 2 coats of POR-15.No patching needed.ALL RAILS AND PANS ARE ORIGINAL still showing the pan dimples from the factory primer here and there.I've not detailed the underside.Still shows some white overspray here and there.The very center of the battery tray was rusting through so I just wire brushed it and sealed it too in POR-15 to keep it original.The battery acid contained itself and did no damage to the lower part of the apron nor the frame rail.I had the windshield and rear window pulled and new weatherstrippping installed at paint time.The stainless window trim is nice, isn't beat up but I did not have it polished.The front door vent window frames have a very small amount of pits on them.Better than driver grade to me.I painted the wide grille trim and Lucas fog light stands in the correct grey metallic.The pass side wide grille mldg. has a ding in it and a scratch out towards the front.Easy fix on the scratch. As far as the interior goes, I have new correct, red comfortweave seat skins that I am sending out to an upholstery shop and will have them done. I have one new door panel and new armrest installed, but on the passenger side I put too much red paint on the door and it now needs stripped and repainted, just the red textured interior part of the door. Then the new door panel and armrest can be installed. It needs new scuff plates. The headliner has two small tears so I have a new one of those, but not installed. The console does not have any cracks on the body and the pad is in great shape. The folding door will probably need replaced, but it does go up and down. The camera case instrument bezel is worn and dull. The carpet is original, as is the dashpad which is not cracked. There are no incorrect holes cut in the dash.It has the original red steering wheel.All A/c vents,controls in place

The car will need new bumpers for show as these are just in daily driver condition. I used new "California Special" quarter script emblems from Tony Branda. The tail light chrome bezels are originals and need rechromed or replaced. The correct flip open gas cap is fine. I used three new MUSTANG scripts on the fenders and deck lid. I striped the car with the desirable kit from "the stripe man in California" that we all know about. The rocker panel moldings were an original set that were polished and look NOS. The engine bay is not fully detailed but is very presentable. The engine is not newly painted, nor does it show leaks. I removed the original factory a/c compressor and hoses but kept all of those components plus brackets and nuts and bolts so it can go along with the car to the new owner. I only removed them because I just don't like looking at them in an engine bay.Call me nutz if you will!. It will need a new condenser.There is an AM/FM radio in the car.It looks Ford? but I am thinking of replacing it with the correct 68 AM radio that it was supposed to come with.The radio lights up but I removed the speakers that were on the kick panels and threw the junk away and didn't even try to see if the am/fm puts out?

Here's some more notes. The lights and gauges work. The tilt-away mechanism is intact. It does tilt, but the tilt-away system is disengaged, but the good news there is it is complete and I have a repair manual for it from Tony Branda. Its vacuum canister is also intact as is the one for the a/c. The heat bypass valve above the heater fan inside the engine bay needs replaced. I bypassed it with a straight hose connection.

Important pertinent info...The only component I can see incorrect on this car is that it has a 1971-1973 4-barrel carb. This car is so original I have the correct, much talked about grommets for both ends of the tail light panels and it even has the correct, purple right tail light harness near the 5-prong plug with tag #C8ZX-14405-A. I even have one of the two "foam strips" from the underside of the deck lid. To perk this up even a little more, I made a video tape of the car the day before it went into the body shop and noted all of the factory/dealer inspector stamps in chalk, paint and otherwise to show the true original/unmolested condition of this car.I have a few digital pix of those too. I have the original cardboard,inside the trunk,tailight protector panels.They are a little grungy but original. The car only came out here to the east from Costa Mesa, California in 2002 to Virginia and now to me. It never suffered the wrath of salty roads. The lucas fog lights, quarter scoops, deck lid, quarter extensions, tail light panel, hood pins are all correct original pieces. Speaking of hood pins, I have one NOS on the car and the other one has a few pits in it. I have documentation in a personal notebook from the original owner back to 1969 stating all repairs and dates. I also have the original customer notification and dealer claim form assigned to the original owner upon his purchase of the car.

I do have some digital pictures of the car. An interested buyer can wait until I have the seat skins redone before taking the car as they're going into the upholstery shop right now and he/she can do the minor touch-up finishes that the car needs for a purchase price near $19,000 right now, or perhaps in the spring I'll finish up more of the minor work on the car but then have to ask more dollars at that time.Springtime has more swap meets to take it also. I do not have a heated garage for the work that is needed now.

Sorry about being long-winded, but I like to give honest detailed information. My Ebay feedback would back that statement up.I've probably missed a few things here and I may add them in some other post to this one. Any questions, fire away. I would make myself available to a personal showing of the car about anytime day or evening,a test drive too.The car is located about 60 miles S.E. of Cleveland Ohio near Youngstown.Thanks to anyone taking the time to look over this long letter...

Bob in Ohio
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Your vin is very close to mine and same spec including options.


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I hate to see an Ohio CS leave the state but, hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. We've talked about both our cars and I think either one of them would be true catch. Good luck in your sale and hopefully it's a "BUCKEYE" that buys it. If possible post a few pic's. I think it would help in the sale.


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Ditto on the pictures Bob. Very detailed nformation on the condition and orignal equip on the car. Always gaining knowledge on this site and hope to be a car carrying member...good luck with your sale.

I used to live in Costa Mesa so can just imagine the J code roaming my old stomping grounds.

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Smile Some more info on my CS for sale

Hey Don.I don't know how to post a pic on this site.Only seems to work from a person's personal addressI tried one here.Let's see if it works?
Anyway,here's some more scoop to those who have written so far...the pillar posts inside are not padded,it does have the slightly curved edge on the side scoops,the qtr bezels are surface mount,the original radio had a round base.The door weatherstrips are not on it yet if I didn't already state earlier.The car does not overheat.It was painted last May.
What I forgot to mention...I sent the 2 hood hinges and hood latch assy under the hood to a superb detailer but I can't him to return a call,nor do I know his whereabouts right now.I will find him.So for now,I have Taiwan hood hinges in place and a rusty second hand latch assy on the car to make it driveable.I put plastic against the new paint first before installing these parts so as to not scratch the new paint.The hood doesn't sit all the way down at the cowl as the original hinges allowed!...

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Smile 2 pix of my CS for sale

Let's see if I can post 2 more? It'll be much easier on private email and I can send a few more.I've got this strange feeling with pix posted,my car is going to get picked apart...tongue in cheek!!..

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