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MCA officemanger

Attented the Hershey show and was deducted points for my stripes >:(. So I wrote the MCA the question about it ( that was a AACA function) and here is the reply from MCA. The Gt stripes could be put on by a dealer,(many were) however to prove they came on the car it needs to be a GT, pure & simple.Those are the only ones that came with Gt strips. Keep in mind that the Mustang in general is a production car, and were built that way, so there are many things that have appeared over the years that have no way of being proven they came on the car. I also judge for AACA, and in my opion if your car is a Gt the stripes are OK if not then a deduction is in order for the purest AACA. As to the Lucas lights, I know of NO 68 Mustangs that came with Lucas lights. Maybe I shouldn't mention his name but I will (Chuck Micele). Well what do you think of it. ::) ::)
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Re:MCA officemanger

[quote author=hcsstang link=board=1;threadid=761;start=0#msg4195 date=1073583476]
As to the Lucas lights, I know of NO 68 Mustangs that came with Lucas lights.[/quote]
Am I understanding this correctly...a MCA judge is not aware of the GT/CS or HCS package? Or at least not aware that Lucas lights came on them? And the GT stripes he's referring to are your HCS stripes?

That's literally unbelievable if that's the case, not to mention embarrassing for the MCA. :-[
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Mr. Shelby Guy

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Re:MCA officemanger

That's why it's a grand idea to get either (or both) a Marti Auto Report or a GT/CS registry book. I agree w/ Admin, that is embarrasing but you gotta admit not too many people know that much about a GT/CS.
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Re:MCA officemanger

That being the case I'm surprised you didn't get deducted for trying to put a Shelby look a like trunk and T-Bird lights on a 68 Mustang, not to mention the side scoops.

Unbelievable, keep us posted on this, you aren't stopping there I hope.

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Re:MCA officemanger

To tell you the truth I was a little hot. :-X I emailed a letter back and said a few things that I should not of said. And I apologized to them. I called Dave Zimmerman up and we had a long conversation. He is a Gold judge for MCA. He is going to send the gentleman information on the GTCS and HCS's. He invited me to attend a judging school in Philadelphia on the !5 th of Feb. So that is where I stand. :-\
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Re:MCA officemanger

Good on you for persuing this...I too would have been hot when a MCA judge does not know about the GT/CS or HCS. I read in one of the last Mustang Illustrated how they where looking for judges to help at shows. It seems they are not getting the best out there. I know for me, I am knowledgable about the 67 & 68 Mustangs but would not consider myself anything close to any other year. I would assume the same for this judge. He may own a early Mustang and could write a book on a 66 Mustang. But when it comes to the CS or HCS, he may have never heard of them. I agree with Mr Shelby Guy that a copy of the registry or the Marti report may help less knowledgable judges "see the light".
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Re:MCA officemanger

At the judges meet in Philadelphia one of the judging seminar will be on GTCS and HCS's mustang. Thats why I want to attend. At the Hershey show I had a Marti Report, But at the show you are not allow to talk to the judges at all. :-XThe head judge came over and asked if I could verify the car and I show him the Marti report. The stripes on my car were just put on. The lens on the lucas lights show wear other than that I don't know. ???
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Re:MCA officemanger


Do you think he maybe thought HCS's or GT/CS's came ONLY with Marchal lights but not lucas lights? Of course, if he said what he said about the stripes, I guess he just really didn't know....

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Re:MCA officemanger

Wow, I cannot believe the person was not familiar with our cars. I have been to many MCA shows, and many have one or two California Specials; in talking with the owners of these cars I would have to say I have never heard of the owners experiencing these problems before. Thus, I would hope that what hcsstang experienced is an isolated incident. (I know that does not make it right!) Doug, in terms of the need for judges at MCA events, my understanding is that the shortage is in "late model" judging categories as opposed to classic Mustangs, but I guess each event may be different. I know Doug would make a heckuva 67 and 68 judge...especially if it is Sunlitgold! (Doug is one of the most knowledgable Mustang people I know!) I think what this experience shows us is that we need to consider volunteering our services to judge at MCA shows.
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Re:MCA officemanger

I made a mistake the seminar in judging mustang is the fourtheen of Feb. instead of the 15th. 8:00 AM to 10:00AM. Did any body catch the History channel on MUSTANGS? I sent away for the video. It was prettry in teresting. ;)
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Re:MCA officemanger

This kind of thing (frankly) is just plain stupid. No excuse for it.

I write two books (1988, 1996) on the GT/CS ('68 HCS), and there are STILL judges out there that don't know "you-know-what from Shinola"...about these cars.

Will someone either copy the concours pages from my 1996 Registry for these guys meeting in Pa.? (or let me know where to send a copy??) Those rules and concours guidelines I wrote are among the best by any registry--for how to judge a particular type of mustang.

I've had a burr under my saddle with MCA about this for a long time. They have told me that it doesn't deserve a class in shows, since it wasn't available nationally. Go figure.

I really appreciate all of you out there who are "fighting the good fight" about GT/CS and HCS recognition--especially at these shows. Keep me, and all of us posted on how this pans out. I'll help in any way I can.

Thanks, Paul.
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