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2008 Route 66 GT/CS Drive?

I've been kicking this around for a long time....

What about a 40th Anniversary of the GT/CS & HCS by having a drive on the Historic Route 66 -- across the country?

This wouldn't be for three years from now (and long enough for me to get the CS restored); but what do you all think?

Paul N.
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Re:2008 Route 66 GT/CS Drive?

I would love to do this. I am on the opposite end (Chicago) of Route 66 from where it all started in California. Casey
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Re:2008 Route 66 GT/CS Drive?

I doubt my CS will be rady to go by then. But who knows it would be great to be able to though. How long of a trip would you be wanting to make it?
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Re:2008 Route 66 GT/CS Drive?

It's just an idea at this point. Maybe we could all join at some central point. It all depends on how many would want to particilate--and where most of them are--to decide a route...

I'm open to all ideas about this.

I just want good places to visit, eat, and sleep at.
Maybe this can be a "restoration goal" for many of you (and me, too!)

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Re:2008 Route 66 GT/CS Drive?

Since Route 66 goes right through Flagstaff, count me in. Also, I would be glad to plan any event/dinners or additional tours in Arizona for this trip. Flagstaff is a beautiful city with many great places to visit, and a group of GT/CS enthusiasts would be a hit in this town. Let me know what I can do!!

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Re:2008 Route 66 GT/CS Drive?

WOW! This is pretty cool.

I sure appreciate the offer, Russ! I'm sure that we'll have to figure out all the logistics for this sometime before the year is out. I can almost taste those BBQ ribs in Arizona!!

I drove from Vegas to L.A. (Knotts) in the American Pony Drive, and that was fun!! Pretty awesome!

Question--surely we'll ask the HCS folks along, but what about any other limited edition Mustangs--pre '73?? Like Ski Country, Twister Special, Blue Bonnet, T-5, etc.. Like a "Limited Edition" Run??

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Re:2008 Route 66 GT/CS Drive?

I do not own a CS, but lurk on this board everyday. So far no CS has come my way that fits the bill. Anyway, I am an avid Mustang nut and also just finished my term on the Board of Directors of the Il. Route 66 Association. We do a tour every year of Rt. 66 from Chicago to St. Louis each summer - usually 200plus cars and lasts two days. If you do in fact do this I will be happy to help in any way possible and feel confident that I can also offer the help of the Central Il. Mustang club to help in any way. If you are interested in this years tour the info should be available at the following website - . or write to Route 66 Association of Illinois, 2743 Veterans Parkway, Room 166 Springfeild, Il 62704. This years Motor Tour Chairman may be reached at or by phone at 708 389 3823. His name is John Miller. Hope that you all decide to do this - you will enjoy the 66 experience. Murf
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Re:2008 Route 66 GT/CS Drive?

Hello, Murf!

How exciting!
I've always loved Route 66, because it is a valuable part of Americana, and I feel that the Mustang--and the GT/CS (HCS) should enjoy this experience. It was a major highway in the 50's and 60's, and it's a much better road in terms of enjoyment, instead of a fast-moving highway.

I should get in touch with you ASAP. I'll see what happens here...and who knows? In 2008, there might be 2 yr. old (2006) GT/CS cars coming along, too!!

P.S. do you know if whomever coordinates this--needs (liability) insurance to do a run like this?

Paul Newitt
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Re:2008 Route 66 GT/CS Drive?

Paul: Sent you a PM relating to this adventure. Phone me when you find time. Murf
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Re:2008 Route 66 GT/CS Drive?

I have been infatuated with Rte. 66 as well for many years . I subscribe to the Route 66 magazine and it has a wealth of information in it's books that you can order. I have the comlete guides to driving the route west to east or vice versa. I have driven many parts of it but have always longed to drive the entire route...I understand that takes about three weeks to do it right.

Check it out:
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