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Need Concours 6 Cylinder Engine photos

If possible, I need a few good photos of a concours condition 6-cylinder engine for the book.

I need one taken in the engine bay of a '68 GT/CS. If anyone has one, please PM me, or post here. Include everything on the engine....with the air cleaner and sticker on it, too.

I would also like a photo of a concours 6-cylinder engine sitting out of the engine bay, perhaps on an engine stand <??>

If not "concours" then a very nice original, and very clean version would be fine.

If you have these photos, you can mail me a photo CD, or I can provide you with an e-mail address to download it to me (300DPI).

Since these are so rare, it's hard to find a good photo of one.

Thank you so very much!

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Paul, I don't have pictures, sorry.

But I do want to pass on that manual transmission 6 cylinders were shipped with the thermactor smog system for all US domestic built GT/CS's.

I say this so that you can accurately identify the engine(s) or mention that there are more than one. The 1968 shop manual shows the air pump mounted up high on the drivers side with the Thermactor system, Page 8-30.

For US destined Mustangs:
IMCO was used on automatic equipped cars in 1968.
Thermactor air injection was used on all manual transmission cars in 1968.

Canada used the 1967 style, open PCV system. I have seen mentioned somewhere that 1968 cars in Canada used a 1967 air cleaner too. I got this information years ago from a gentleman with a Canadian Ford Master Parts Catalog.

Scott Behncke
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Thank you so much for that information.....that's going right into the book!!

I have some Ford literature on IMCO and Thermactor systems, but I haven't sorted it all out yet. I'll be reproducing some neat cutaway diagrams of these setups on the pages about the engine choices.

I'll also be talking about the not-used 427 and TP 302 engines that almost made it into the GT/CS.

The 6-cylinders are nothing to sneeze at...they are torquemasters...!

thank you again!

Paul N.
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OF course this would not have to be in a Calif Spec but from a San Jose T code built during the period and of course if "restored" we would hope that it was done correctly ;)

Looked through my pictures (not allot of unrestored 6 cyl) Best I have is a 80K mile car with a few changes (spark plug wires, heater hoses....) and only 175K
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