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X-Code Needs Title Help, May be for sale; Sad Story..

Part of my "job" as registrar is to help owners sort out some of the technical and authentication problems that may arise. I do not get into the legal speculation part for obvious reasons; but I do what I can do. Here is a sad situation where I felt I should help the owners out by posting this on the site for everyone to read, seeking a solution.

We have a real problem here with one of the GT/CS cars in the registry. A 2bbl 390 "X" code GT/CS, that has been in my 1996 Registry (8R01X155900) (door tag: 65A T 2U 04D 71 5 U) , has, in the past 6 months been through a mess of bureaucratic red tape, trying to obtain a title. The owners, Larry & Loretta Wolski took their GT/CS to get a title, and to authenticate the VIN. They thought this was the right thing to do--on their own, to be forthcoming and honest.

To their great surprise, the inspector pulled back the fender to reveal a 1967 VIN# 7R01C103069 on the inner fender/shock tower area. The front clip is intact, and was not a replacement '67 clip attached to the car (one of my orig. theories).

So, I dug up the GT/CS Registry form originally sent to me sometime between 1990 and 1996. This is what it stated:
White Stripe, Round Antenna, Orig. Grille with Marchal Lights, Orig Hood Pins, Taillight frames, with black paint (replacements), Attached reflector, 1968 Styled Steel Wheels (painted argent silver) with GT center caps
No Vinyl Top, A/C, Plaid trunk mat, Scissors Jack, Wheelwell plastic protector (in trunk), Plastic protectors on clips (to hold wiring harness), No Foam tape on inside edge of trunk lid.

In conversations with the Wolskis, I asked about the steering column, and I was told it was a non-collapsible type, meaning that it was a 1967 type, which is solid. I also asked about the numbers on the sheet metal in the trunk area. They are as follows: 8 23 (Drivers), 72 A (Passenger) There are also digits on the black part by the first bolt on the Drivers side - they are D8 and they are fairly clear. Rear numbers from U-Section; 8 10 W3 (Drivers) 72; (Passenger) 8 10 3 65(?) from the middle.

So--at this point, it looks like this car was a re-configured GT/CS (now a clone), made from parts of 8R01X155900. I have no record of what happened to the original GT/CS, and there is no record (according the Wolski's sources) of it being stolen, wrecked, etc.

The previous owner, listed in the 1996 Registry has not been contacted; at this point. That is not to say that they had anything to do with what happened to the original CS. Ten years has transpired, and it could have traded hands several times. The Owner in 1996 was three states away from where it is today, so anything could have happened along the way. The Wolskis bought it from a "Classis Car" type dealer in Illinois. They checked it out, and have no recourse with the dealer at this time.

So--it boils down to a problem for the Wolskis of not being able to obtain a title for this GT/CS (now) clone. As you can see, it is a beautiful car (named Lucy), treated and cared for like a family member (just like we do!). This whole episode has broken their heart. The Ill. Sec. of State seems to be unable to help them out. (IMO) I think that no one in the veh. inspection process is willing to commit to a determination to title it as either a '67 or '68. SADLY, this has become a real burden for the Wolskis, and the frustration has led them to seriously consider selling this beautiful (big block) Mustang; to be rid of this frustrating bureaucratic experience.

What I am appealing to everyone who reads this, is:

1. Who may know about title disputes like this (especially in the state of Illinois), and can offer some good (legal or otherwise) advise? How are they resolved? Who can they appeal to? (the inspector commented that he's never seen this type of thing before now).

2. If there is a person who is interested in buying this beautiful GT/CS clone, they can contact the Wolskis at: I would expect a car like this, despite being a CS clone; that it IS a big block, 2bbl 390; at a value near $20K or more. Whomever wishes to buy this car, should be advised that they should participate in the resolution of the title, before it can be sold. No title resolved, no sale.

3. With my knowledge of the VIN from the original GT/CS, and the '67 VIN under the fender; whomever buys this Mustang, should be aware that I will register the original GT/CS VIN, with a footnote that "it has re-appeared as a 1967 GT/CS clone car", with that '67 VIN listed in the notes--in the new GT/CS Registry. This is important, since this documentation will explain/reveal the true history of this Mustang.

I appreciate any and all ideas of support. Photos of this Mustang are also in the Gallery under their name, Larry & Loretta Wolski. This Mustang was thought of as a real catch by the owners, and they had become quite attached to it. It drew a lot of attention for them when they would take it out for a drive. We all can relate to how they have felt about this jewel of a Mustang. This new situation has broken their hearts.

A couple of things to note: The taillight panel is painted argent; the rear script looks a little "skewed", and the front fender Mustang script is in the wrong loaction, as well as the horse and bars is a non-CS item. The front turn signal light housings are chrome plated. Whomever "rebuilt" this Mustang into a GT/CS clone must have chosen to go a "custom", because it's about the best CS clone I've ever seen!

(As a footnote, here is the data from their Marti Report (for the GT/CS as it was originally built in 1968).
The Marti report reads:
65A M 2D 04D 73 1 U, Order Received: 03/21/68, Car Serialized: 03/22/68
Bucked: 04/15/68, Scheduled for Build: 04/04/68, Actually Built: 04/17/68
Released: 04/19/68, Sold: 08/24/68
Order Type: Stock, DSO Item# 2700, Dealer# 73H582

Thank you for your help,

Paul M. Newitt
GT/CS Registrar.
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