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Car Show Problems??

I would like to hear from anyone who's had any unusual stories and/or problems with showing their GT/CS (or '68 HCS) at a car show. Mustang Club show, or other Concours type show.

Have you had to prove that it was a factory option? Are the judges unaware of what a GT/CS is? Any problems or questions or challenges involved while your CS was being judged??

I'm curious as to what's happened to owners out there.

....then we'll do something about it; OK?

thanks again,

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Re:Car Show Problems??


I've put my car in numerous shows, including MCA shows and have never encountered any problems. The MCA show judges check the door warranty plate for accuracy and have never questioned my CS's authenticity. I provide the Marti Report and they really like to see that document. Maybe I'm lucky! In MCA shows, you don't compete with other cars, so having a GT/CS or HCS sitting next to a six cylinder coupe really makes no difference. It is the quality and accuracy of the restoration that matters in the MCA.

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Re:Car Show Problems??

For all the car shows we have attended over the last 20 years we encounted only one unusual instance when we had a GTCS car about 10 years ago.
The show (partcipant judged) was in Washington state and they had all the usual classes, ie 68 stock. But when we registered, the show committee put us in with the Shelbys, Bosses,etc saying the GTCS did not give a fair chance to the stock 68 cars?
The car did well finishing 2nd out of 16 cars in this class. Has this happened to anyone else?
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Re:Car Show Problems??

I have never ran into any serious problems with judges.
Only once, I had a volunteer judge try to tell me the wheel opening mouldings on my car were not correct. He insisted "no CS mustangs came with these" as he has never seen them on this type of car before.
That doesn't mean they were not built that way!
It turned into a long friendly debate. I got a third place trophy that day in the "67 68 Mustang coupe" class.
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Re:Car Show Problems??

No wheel moldings? OOOkkkaaayyy...

I know of many with wheel moldings. Sometimes judges need to pull something like that, to cover that they really don't know about how to judge a GT/CS or HCS.

About in 1989, I called a "National Mustang Club", and offered my printed concours info to them, and the guy on the phone said: "well, we don't want it, because you're personally not an member.

GO figure.

Thanks for the stories--any more??


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Re:Car Show Problems??

We had problems in 2 shows in Illinois. In the first show, the judges had no clue what the car was, thought it was a bunch of pieces that we put together to look kinda like a Shelby and kinda like a Mustang. Then in another show, someone came up and insisted that the rear side marker light was wrong, he didn't know why, but it just "looked wrong". We had Paul's book and showed him other pictures in the book, but he still insisted, "It's just looks wrong". Oh, then one time we were out driving and someone pulled up next to us at a light and asked where we got the California Special script made for the rear quarter panel.
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