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Edward Bodoh
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390 X code for sale - HELP

I decided to start a CLEAN new thread regarding a meadowlark yellow 390 X code. The previous threads last comment was yesterday with the owner Brance stating he was finally ready to sell said car. It is still listed on his website I called and talked specifics with Brance and will be calling him again in the morning. I will also PM you Wimbledonwhitestangs for information you gathered when you drove up and laid eyes on the car, back in May or June sometime.

That being said, I am prepared to fly to the cars location and inspect the car myself. A few of you here know I am actively looking for a car for a family member of mine. Things have shifted (funny how this works) to me actually looking for another cs for myself. If it gets to that point with this X code car is there anyone else close to this car that could help me inspect it? I know where to look for rust at but checking compression is not exactly my forte.

Any help would be appreciated. I am very serious about a potential 3rd cs for myself. The 1st I bought sight unseen. The second I found 45 minutes away from me. And the current owner - collector seems genuine so far and people trolling a post about what could be a very nice X code for myself would be silly. Hence the new thread, reference the old one.

Thank you in advance and hopefully I get great help from the resident pros here. How exciting! Only ten X codes registered and I have the green light for one of

Ivy rED.
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Originally Posted by Edward Bodoh View Post

Only ten X codes registered and I have the green light for one of

Ivy rED.
Ed, There are actually 31 X codes in the Registry. Still a low number. hope you find the right car. Mike

Mike Jewell
If at first you don't succeed, Parachuting is not for you!!!!
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Hi everyone!

Long time since I was on the forum, kinda got a rude private message and decided to take a breather from internet bullies.

A "Soon to be owner of a rare X code..." who was not capable of acquiring said car,
Got carried away with insults due to my mention of the evasive behavior of the seller.

I personally would buy the vehicle myself if the owner didn't avoid some very pertinent questions.

But the past is the past and I miss the witty and fun banter of the forums. I know historically there has been bullies on here, but one should not let them ruin a wonderful forum.

I have privately conversed with some very awesome people from the forum and even built some great relationships, some extending out of country.

I am getting back around to my little red GT/CS soon , been held up with a new baby on the way (13 weeks now!) and Husbands new Dodge Hellcat.

So, hopefully I am welcomed, as I look forward to being back


I ain't afraid to love a man. I ain't afraid to shoot him either. -

― Annie Oakley
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Annie...welcome back.

Ed...good luck on the X code.

Steve Cracknell
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[QUOTE=stangfan;108701]Annie...welcome back.

Thanks stangfan!

I ain't afraid to love a man. I ain't afraid to shoot him either. -

― Annie Oakley
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robert campbell
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Sorry to hear about the bully. The GT/CS site should never be about that. Welcome back!!

That appears to be one awesome car. The Vin on the block looks correct, and I bet the automatic has the same partial VIN on the top of the main case just about where the rear tail house bolts on. To me it looks unrestored and unmolested with very few things to correct.

the price looks fair for such a nice loaded clean car. It is not a steal, but wow does it look nice in the pictures. Only drawback for me is it was undercoated. So now it looks a bit funky and nearly impossible to remove. But at the same time it looks rust free which is the purpose of undercoat.

I wish I could look at it with you! Photos can be very forgiving, but in this case it looks like the real deal.

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Welcome Back Annie!

Internet comments can be harsh since the people making them are not face to face with you when they say what they say! Distance and anonymity seem to help remove filters that otherwise might be in place!

Anyway, X code cited in thread belonged to Elinor and Basil Plumb (according to warranty card! :)

It was sold the day before i was born --- too cool!!

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