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Re:Carb Question!

Sounds like sound advice to me. I really don't think I need to go through the whole carb considering it's had two complete kits so I guess I'll start there by going to Ford for my next kit and just change out the top gasket and see if it fits better.

As for the garage shop 5S project it has turned out awesome. The garage and the shop have never looked so good and it sure is nice to have all the extra room and be able to find what I'm after right away. Never made it to the mural, :( I will at some point but I got sidetracked about the time I was finishing the garage off and started another project, the Train Shack. The train shack has been a ball and I'm still knee deep in getting an HO layout put together. You can see the project pics here. Model trains aren't what they used to be I can assure you of that, digitally controlled now with DCC and you wouldn't believe what they will do now.
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