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I stumbled across a hidden piece of information concerning the Holley Carbs that came on 1968 390 engines in Mustangs and GT/CS or HCS carbs. This concerns the two following carbs that were built prior to December 15, 1967. Keep in mind this date is "approximate", and these carbs could have found their way onto early 1968 GT/CS or HCS cars with 390 engines. Also many of the original carbs were removed over the years and from time to time these correct carbs pop up on flea bay and are reinstalled by owners.

C8OF-9510-C Holley list 3795-1 Manual Transmission

C8OF-D C8OF-9510-D Holley list 3796-1 Automatic Transmission

I found a Ford technical service bulletin (TSB’s) titled Article 1283 Momentary Engine Hesitation on Acceleration and/or Rough Engine Idle. These bulletins were sent to the various dealers when problems with cars came to light and provide detailed instructions to correct them. Below is a link to the TSB.

This TSB shows how to correct the issue on the December and earlier carbs. Of note in the second paragraph it nots that the later carbs that were corrected receive a daub of white paint on their carb tag. I have the carb for Eric’s new GT/CS to rebuild and guess what. Yup, a daub of white paint is on its tag. I will confirm that the fix was performed, but other carbs I have worked on may have not. Of note I worked on a 3795 for Batgirl and had a bunch of problems with the idle during my wet test of it. I got it close, but never got it right. I hope she can send it back to me for a free rebuild and wet test.

Rob, you are so awesome!!! Its funny because John and I were just talking about that damn carb! Its on the shelf, I will send it to you! Thank you so much. The other one you did is a rocket! Going great on our '68 428 convertible. Thats cool you found the white daub on Eric's carb. Ok I will seal up the box and ship it to you!
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