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Re:Question about 1966 Timberline Green Paint.

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Yes, yes, yes you can. I thought you only had access to paint shops in Europe.

Well I have friends and acquaintances going to the US all the time so I can get someone to pick it up for me. As for the Revell model you painted I assume you were trying to make a 1966 HCS in Timberline Green?

Yeah, I didn't know about hardener back then, :-X
It was a slimy mess that melted before my eyes because the paint ate the styrene. :'(
I didn't know WHAT I was doing. But it sounded like a cool idea at the time. ;D

I'm wondering if there will be an issue transporting chemicals (paint) internationally though? I'm assuming this would be by plane? I'd look into whether you can legally get it done or not.
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