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Originally Posted by GTCS07 View Post
Win, lose or draw, a bad day racing is better than a good day at work Joe. You did great for your first time out. What psi did you use in the Nittos?
Dave, you have a nice solid set-up going it seems. Nothing like changing out a big block starter with headers though. I don't miss that job. I can't wait to get to the track this year. Thanks for posting the pics.
You're absolutely right. Like i wrote earlier, I had a blast!!! I was running 20 psi in the run with David, but I didn't get a very good burn-out. I'm sure that will help next time.

Also, as I said, I had the rev limiter set at 6625 RPM and hit it in 3rd gear before the end of the track. By my calulations, that means I was doing ~111 MPH when I hit the rev limiter. A slightly taller tire would have been better, but I think I'll get 4.10 gears for my rear-end and just grab that 4th gear before the end of the track.

Can't wait till the next time.


HP numbers are good and all, but they're like asking someone how much they can bench. What difference does it make, if I can still kick your ass.
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