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Another visitor to the "clinic". This is a 1968 Vert with the GT option and deluxe interior in Parchment. It has AC, PS, and PDB's. It is going to the pain shop next week. The Owner has done the engine and tranny and the complete suspension front to rear with new exhaust and great cleaning and detailing. It heads to the alignment shop today. After paint a complete interior refreshment will be done. Owner is going with Acapulco Blue and keeping the Parchment interior color.

The reason it came was it ran like doo doo. Would barley idle, would not shift out of first, and the brakes self applied. It had a Autolite 4300 on it, but the owner wanted an Edelbrock 500 conversion. This car fell to the wrong gasket under the PCV spacer debacle. The gasket is a Mr. Gasket 55 and it is not wide enough. Very common way to get a tremendous air leak. I told them that I could dial the 4300 in, but they wanted the dependability of the Edelbrock. Picture below.

Tranny problem was traced to a plugged vacuum port on the manifold that feeds the vacuum modulator on the tranny. She shifts like butter now.

I was a bit skeptical on the brakes as the owner had bought a Bendix booster and Master cylinder with separate purchases. Sometimes a recipe for disaster. We removed the Midland Ross and ols master and installed the new set and it works just fine! Lucky us. He will send the Midland Ross assemble to West Coast Classic Cougars for a complete rebuild. It may go back in someday.

The engine idles great now and runs super. The electric choke is dialed in and the owners says I am a miracle worker!! Not!!! And all of this for 200 bucks my labor. What a deal!!

By the way, I need to talk to Neil about that pesky AC brace bar that goes back to the aft end of the manifold. Some creative "adjustment" was necessary to clear the Edelbrock carb!!


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