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Re:aftermarket rear suspension

I checked with Eaton Detroit Spring. They have 3 springs for our cars that would be considered period correct. The stock 289 hard top rear springs came with an 85 lb spring rate.

The 289 GT hard top Mustang rear springs had a 114 lb spring rate. The part number is ML507. The cost is $199/pair.

The Shelby used 135 lb spring rate rear springs. This part number is ML1389 and also costs $199/pair.

Mike from Eaton said if I was going with the 135 lb Shelby springs I would also want to go with gas charged shocks.

He claims all will fit on our cars and the trade off will be handling /performance over ride comfort, epecially on bumpy roads. He also stated that he believed all springs will supply a level ride height.

Eaton Detroits web site is

I am leaning towards the GT spring set, Mark.
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