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Re:HCS side scoop stripe question for Mr. Teets

ALL '68 HCS's came from the San Jose plant with NO stripe-decal tape attached to the scoop. BUT, yes some HCS rolled out of the dealerships without them also. Craig says his car had none and the first HC that I bought, had no decal either on original paint. When I bought mine(8R01C169927), I asked the original owner/seller about the lack of the decals, and she said she asked several times for them and was always told they were out. She said she finally gave up on it. r I am not aware of an installation sheet for the dealer to use in applying these stripe-decals on the scoops. My statement (above in Craig's post) about the 1/2 inch off center to the rear placement of the decal is documented by measuring friend Russ's HCS decal on his car(8R01J169377). It's still there on original paint etc. The decal co. showed me the Ford folder with a tape-decal in it and it was all in one piece. But there was some "lead" on each end, so some installers could and probably did get closer to center of scoop with with their placement. Also, since Ford bought local, it is not likely these decal-stripes were sent to cal. to be applied. When I had a run of decals made up nearly 20 years ago, I remember now how the price was cost-prohibitive for me at the time to buy the decals(with tape) as Ford bought them. And to you , Craig, thank you for the inquiry and hope I've answered this post satisfactory to you and perhaps to our fellow owners. Thank you for the space, any other questions or mysteries out there, I'm happy to respond if I can help. or 303-424-3866 evenings
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