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Re:HCS side scoop stripe question for Mr. Teets

Paul, you win the $64,000 jackpot. You are correct on all accounts. It should be noted that the decal should be off-center to the rear of center of the scoop by 1/2 of an inch and the backing not taken off the decal until absolutely ready to apply to the paint. A COUPLE OF AFTERNOTES, Paul, in your '96 Registry book (page 131), you note Steve Goehring as a source for GT/CS and HCS stripe kits. RIGHT ON!!! I ordered a set for my last HCS. He would not take my money ($85.00) until I received them and looked them over and he also included extra tape for the side scoops. He told me he can make partial sets as well as full kits. Steve's number is now 559-875 8898 in Sanger, Ca. NOTE this number is different from the '96 registry number. AND lastly, be aware that i have 1966 and 1967 HCS badges yet, and 1968 HCS decals at $95.00 a pair plus Priority mailing charges. What else? Oh, my home number is 303-424-3866 in Denver area.
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