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Originally Posted by p51 View Post
OK. Need some more advice here...

Rather than first moving the fender I decided to see if just readjusting the hood to even the gaps between hood/fender which is now ~3/8" total for both gaps (vs ~2/8" before MC bar) would be sufficient. So, I loosen every thing up (hood-to-hinges and hinges-to-body) adjusted the hood and it actually looks fine with the ~3/16' gaps on both sides. However, after the adjustment I now find that the back of the hood next to the cowl is jacked up ~1/4" from being flush (it used to be very close to flush). I tried a number of the typical suggestions off of the web

(1) Lubed the hinges (the hinges are in good condition but they are not OEM nor are they highest quality hinges)
(2) Pushed up on the hood to change the angle of hinge mount while tightening the hinge bolts to the body

No bueno

Any other tricks that people use to adjust a hood and get the back of it flush with the cowl?

Just in case anyone is interested...

After a bit of futzing around I finally gave up getting the hood to close properly. It seemed to be the cheap aftermarket hinges were binding in such a way that the hood would not close flush with the cowl. So, I bought some new "premium hinges" from West Coast Classic Cougar and, short story, problem solved. Works perfectly - hood is flush/squared away and opens/closes easily. These hinges seem to be pretty high quality. Thought I'd give them a plug...

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