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Originally Posted by Wayne Westmoreland View Post
My latest addition is only a 2001 Mustang GT Convertible , but I was hoping for some help ordering interior carpet and leather. The guy I bought the car from this weekend just called the interior color TAN, but the code on the sticker is XH.

I am having trouble ordering replacement carpet and leather because I don't know what the real color name is. Can anyone help or tell me where to go for help?

XH stands for Leather Interior, Color Medium Parchment.

See extract of a guide on 2001 Mustang.

2001 Mustang

Production Figures
Base Coupe 75,321
Base Convertible 30,399
GT Coupe 32,511
GT Convertible 18,336
Cobra Coupe 3,867
Cobra Convertible 3,384
Total 163,818

Serial Numbers
1FA-Ford Motor Co.
L-Restraint system(Air bags & active belts)
P-Passenger car
45-Body code(40-Coupe,42-GT Coupe,44-Convertible,45-GT
Convertible,47-Cobra Coupe, 46-Cobra Convertible)
X-Engine code
6-Check digit which varies
1-Model year(1-2001)
F-Assembly plant(F-Dearborn)
000001-Consecutive unit number

Stamped on riveted plate on driver's side of dash, visible through the windshield. Certification Label attached on rear face of driver's door.

Engine Codes
4- 3.8l EFI V-6 193hp
X– 4.6l SOHC EFI V-8 260hp (265hp Bullitt)
V– 4.6l DOHC EFI V-8 320hp SVT Cobra

2001 Mustang Prices(06/04/01) Retail
P40 Mustang Standard Coupe $17,095.00
P40 Mustang Deluxe Coupe 17,660.00
P44 Mustang Deluxe Convertible 22,510.00
P40 Mustang Premium Coupe 18,890.00
P44 Mustang Premium Convertible 25,075.00
P42 Mustang GT Deluxe Coupe 22,730.00
P45 Mustang GT Deluxe Convertible 26,985.00
P42 Mustang GT Premium Coupe 23,880.00
P45 Mustang GT Premium Convertible 28,135.00
P42 Mustang GT Bullitt Coupe 26,230.00
P47 Mustang Cobra Coupe 28,605.00
P46 Mustang Cobra Convertible 32,605.00
44U 4-Speed Automatic Overdrive 815.00
58M Radio System, Mach 460 550.00
X Seats, Leather surfaced 500.00

2001 Exterior Colors Codes
Zinc Yellow B7
Laser Red E9
Performance Red ES
True Blue L2
Tropic Green SU
Electric Green SW
Mineral Grey TK
Black UA
Silver YN
Oxford White Z1

Convertible Tops Code
Black A
Parchment M
White W

Interior Trim
Cloth 92 - 9H 9W
Leather T2 TZ TH TW
Cloth U2 - UH UW UHUW
Leather X2 XZ XH XW

2001 Mustang Facts
Changes to the 2001 model Mustang were minimal.
This year Mustang gets a new console with a larger rear cup holder, repositioned front cup holder, power point, tissue holder and parking brake boot. A rear-window defroster is now standard on all models. A new 6-disc in-dash CD player is available with the Mach® 460 Sound System. New hood and side scoops on the GT model further distinguish it from the V-6 version.
A new "value leader" V-6 coupe is available for 2001. Model order combinations have been reduced to approximately 50, compared to 2600 last year.
The 2001 Mustang has the standard engine is a 3.8L OHV V-6 producing 190 horsepower @ 5250 rpm and 220 lb.ft. of torque @ 2750 rpm. GT models have a standard 4.6L SOHC V-8 that kicks out 260 horsepower @ 5250 rpm and 302 lb.ft. of torque @ 4600 rpm.
Introduced later than the regular Mustang was the special “Bullitt” edition on the GT. The original Bullitt Mustang was a special 1968 Mustang that the actor Steve McQueen used in the film also named “Bullitt.” The 2001 Bullitt Mustang got special rocker panels with the word “Bullitt” embossed, special wheels, special exterior and interior identification, special pedals, shifter, 150mph speedometer, unique brake calipers, underhood clearcoat paint and serialized special edition identification. The regular 260hp engine was massaged to give 5hp more- 265hp with 315 ft.lbs. torque. It was only available with the manual shifter.

1968 GT/CS - Highland Green - C Code 289
1973 Mustang Convertible - Bright Green Gold Metallic - H Code 351-2V
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