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Aloha. First, thanks for taking on the task of maintaining the registry. I know it can be very time consuming.

I was reading a post in the main forum asking about production numbers of various options of GT/CS cars (e.g.: how many were made with a 390, 4 speed and highland green?). If this has not already been done, would it be possible to get a data dump from Kevin Marti of all the data on all CS and HCS cars. If he omits the VIN then we would have valuable data about CS & HCS production, and it would not harm his business.

I acknowledge that someone with low morals could use this info to build a fake "1 of 1" CS, but it could also help our members with resale of their own cars.

My apologies if this already exists, but I did not see it.

Harry Z

Harry Zisko
\'68 GT/CS
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