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sorry guys still haven't had a chance to get into the shed. too much work and play getting in the way.

this is my baby

this is the engine i have to work with

not too pretty on the outside

and one side the cylinders are rusted badly...

but i have been assured that only one cylinder will need a sleeve, the others should clean up at .020 over.

i have had to find all the good stuff for this car, the J code engine and the Bench seat, as both were removed. 69 high back seats were the bench replacement that i sold off to recoupe some of the shipping costs for the bench i got from SC, to CA then to Australia... Engine was in San Fran so was easily shipped, but the customs and quaranteen fees when it arrived was ridiculous as they consider rust as being dirty and had to clean the engine and reinspect... so on top of my purchase price, i paid 500 for shipping and 900 for customs! engine cost me around 2200 and need major work! so its going to get the royal treatment! those figures are in AU dollars, with is about 1:1 at the moment with the US.
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