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The pulley, alternator, and power steering pump spacing took some money and finesse. Stan Johnson at Ford Powertrain Applications is a wealth of information on what is out there on these new crate engines. Machinist is spinning new spacers for the PS pump this week. Pulleys are Ford Racing, brackets are CVF Racing, and a .909 crank spacer was sourced from Ford Racing also. These crate motors look the same on the front, but there are subtle differences.

Headers are still a week away. These headers are the first of their kind to fit a high port Ford "Z" head on a 9.5 deck into a vintage Mustang. Anyone attempting this conversion is welcome to ask me questions on what I ran into. Here is a link to Stan Johnson's website. He specializes in headers for Ford applications. They are top dollar quality and tuck up high under the car to provide max ground clearance. Check out his site!

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