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X code or S code

Ok everyone chew on this for a while and tell me what you think. Bought this X code 2 weeks ago and have preceded in yanking out the motor yesterday for a rebuild. I have had a few questions to a few members on this site pertaining to this motor as things were not adding up to be a x code motor. First there was the 4v and the S intake manifold. Next I yanked out the motor and on the back of the block was the VIN numbers, hurray it is a numbers matching block, OK so I take the motor apart and there is the large X in the valley, not sure what this means but I thought someone has said it is the higher performance block, is this right. OK next tear it down, take out the pistons and on the pistons are 390 4v. thats about it, can not tell by the cam as it was replaced in a partial rebuild a couple years ago, ok you might say they changed the pistons but I do not think that is feasable, would not make sense. So my best guess is in 68 when they had the strike some replacement worker or group slapped a S code motor in a X code car, quality control not being what it is today whew what do you all think of this senario , lay it on me Chuck ??? ??? ???
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