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Liitle Red nad the Green Hornet

Here is a page for those of you interested in these cars.

The vintage Conelec EFI for the Green Hornet is being finished up now, with testing to start soon.

Both of these cars, like many of the other engineering cars, stayed at the factory for years. They were constantly updated. Thats why the 67s have 1968 features such as reflectors, lights and fiberglass.

I think both of these cars are experiencing a lot of new research and noteriety now that Mr Jackson is involved. Interestingly, the Marti report shows Little Red was sold at Courtesy Ford in Colorado. Surprisingly, no one noticed thatbefore it was found.

Both cars are being restored by Billups Auto Body and their research and documentation is second to none. Several SAAC judges and Registrars are involved as well.

How much? Restorations of this caliber typically run over 1,000 hours of labor, plus parts and material. I will let you do the math.

You may think that Little Red is stripped, but its remarkably intact considering it was thought to have been destroyed.

If you know anything about these cars, please feel free to email me

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