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OK I'm no expert but I can Google with the best of them :o)

DSO 90 are Mustangs that were exported to France.

I found this website it's in French.
But near the top left is a link to translate it into English.

It actually appears there might be a registry of these.
There is a lot of info on the site above but here's the Reader's Digest version.

All of the VINs on this site for 68 start with 8T though no 8S VINs.
The site looks like it might be a few years old but it's worth a shot.


From the site:
Dedicated to Mustangs exported new in France, (and Belgium and Luxembourg) between 1964 and 1969.
DSO 90's.

The interest of the DSO code is that Mustang intented to be exported carry special DSO codes:going from 90 to 99. Every Mustang with a 90-99 DSO is an export model.

When the Mustangs rolled out the assembly plant, the shipping to europe was made by freighter, and Ford France pick up the cars at Anvers, Belgium, bring them back to France and dispatched them through all Ford dealers.

In France, the buyer rarely order his car as he desire, he most usually go to a Ford dealer and chose between all Mustangs available. For that reason, Ford France order Mustangs by large groups, with lots of options, with all different colors in all body styles.

Back in the sixties, the Mustang was a very luxury car in France, because high price taxes for import cars skyrocketed it's price. And buyers were usually business men or music artists, not baby boomers like on your side of the ocean.
As the buyers were big money guys, options were plenty, that's why all Mustangs imported in France are V8 engined, and when it became available in april '65, the GT option became practicaly standard for french ponys.
Manual 4 speed transmissions was also very popular, as was power brakes and deluxe interior.
That's why these around 2000 Mustangs imported between 1964 and 1969 are so desirable.

For 1968 and 1969, Ford France ordered around 50-100 convertibles, 50 fastbacks, and 150 hardtops.
For 1967, rates seems to be the same, but I've found less cars compared to '68-'69.
For 1966, at least 250-300 hardtops, 150-200 convertibles and 50-100 fastbacks.
For 1965, figures are around 100 hardtops, 50 convertibles and less than 50 fastbacks.
The record year was 1966, just like in the USA. Around 700 Mustangs were imported in France that year.

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