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Originally Posted by PFSlim View Post
I very much appreciate everyone's comments about our car. I am also interested in other forum members comments about if the price - considering history and restoration of this car is fair or unfair.

I trust the folks on this site to provide honest feedback.

Please let me know your thoughts.

Paul, I really wasn't going to comment, since if I have nothing positive to add, not to say it. Since you are asking, please understand that this is my objective opinion.

I have looked at many cars over the years, and in certain situations, I had asked opinions of may other before deciding whether to purchase or not.

I for one will always pay more for a car that is finished to a high degree, which obviously yours is. There is a big difference in opinion the term restored. To many, it is a coat of paint, and some new covers on the seats, and some ACC carpet, to others like myself is the attention to all the little details. From the pictures I have seen, yours is exactly that.

This being said, I like the CS's and maybe one day if I find the right one, I may purchase. To the members on this site, please don't take this as a knock, because I see it on many boards. As owner enthusiasts , most, not all, but most will be jaded in their opinions. I see this on the various Saleen boards I visit since I am a Saleen owner.

Personally, I feel the asking price is high. All the trophies and awards may mean something to the enthusiast, but to the collector, the person who may be willing to spend $45K for your car, they are window dressing.

If you look at sales the past year, other then the one that has traded hands at Barrett the past year or two, the selling prices of these things have not approached anywhere near what you are wanting for the car. Now if this was a FE car, then I can see it, but unfortunately, it is not.

I am very much in the same boat as you with my '67 GTA. The car is extremely well done. I probably have more into the restoration of the gauge's, steering wheel, all the brightwork and all new glass then most people have into their complete restoration. I would say I easily have $70K into the car at this point, and I would be lucky to get $40-42K for the car.

In many ways I can kick myself in the arse for letting it get so far out of hand, considering I could own a real nice 68.5 for what I have into it.

The trend on most classic Mustangs is not upwards, if anything they are flat or traveling down. I am sure many can point to Ebay auction or BJ where there is the exception to the rule, but if you look at the market conditions right now, they are not on the upwards trends. 68/69 CJ's last year would easily bring 6 figures, now a well done one is on life support just to bring $75-80K for the same car that a year ago would have brought the big 6.

I won't say what I feel is a fair price for the car, only because it is not my place, but I really feel the price is on the very high end of where the market is.

As a fair example, Tom Mynes just recently sold his 1968 Fastback, which was a multiple MCA Thoroughbred winner, still having the factory exhaust, date coded correct original Autolite battery, correct dated coded tires, even and an assembly line air and oil filter. I would have bought the car, except I got there a day late. The car was a J code car, but it has a lot of high end pedigree. Bottom line, I could have bought the car for $48K. Two years ago, I would bet even as a small block, this car would have easily sold for $60-$65K.

Any equal Fastback versus a coupe, will sell for $15-20K more. Add maybe $5K in for the special status of the CS, I hope this gives you an idea where I may be coming from.

Please understand, this is my heartfelt honest opinion. Others will probably disagree, so please see this as my objective thoughts.
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