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Oscar, what makes it interesting to me are the ones you catch who don't belong to any clubs, don't know or care about a registry, are gracious about invitation but don't join the group.... yet, they have been passionate long-term owners who still love their cars as though they picked 'em up from their dealers yesterday! And for the same reasons as people who bought them in 1968. They are the quiet private & types living their individual dreams with no apparent desire to be "corralled" into competition, comparison and car,car,car..., but instead light up like Christmas trees when the conversation diverts to kindred experiences common with original thought. I can honestly respect that having talked to a few of them, while being reminded once again that it's people who make them "Special"... Not the other way around.

In that regard (as with other classics), there will always be GT/CSs running around that we'll collectively know very little about, but for the chance encounter and brief and pleasant moments...

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