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Re:project car for sale

Hello all, this is Jerry - the person who listed the CS for sale on this site. I have some things to say regarding the issue brought up by MRSHELBYDALLAS, so I guess my comments are more directed toward him.

There is, and was, no intent to misguide, mislead, lie, cheat or pawn-off this car, nor any info about this car. I carefully considered the already-existing condition of the car and was very careful to check it out before listing it for sale. I am not out for quick cash or to make a killing on the sale of the car as you seemed to think and state - actually, I will possibly loose some on it. Also, you mentioned that the other CS car for sale had some questionable feedback on eBay - why didn't you also mention MY feedback on eBay? It is not questionable and does not cause suspicion, and I had worked at maintaining GREAT feedback ratings.

I think it would have been more mature of you to have had the decency to e-mail me and check out your details before listing your ERRONEOUS AND FALSE statement about the car being totaled. The car WAS NOT totaled - there is a non-salvage, clear Texas title as stated in the ad. Where did you get your information? I called the previous owner today and spoke with him - do you know him personally? The car was not totaled. He did not have insurance on it at the time. If you want, e-mail me and give me your name and phone number and I will give you his phone number and you can call him yourself. This also applies to anyone else who would like to call the previous owner.

As far as the flood issue, yes, it was invloved in a flood. The car did not stay in water, was towed to another person's house and the interior was removed, it was cleaned out, and dried out. There was not three feet of mud to remove - it was water. Any rusting was not a result of the flood, the cowl leak is not a result ot the flood (IF I AM OUT TO MIS-STATE OR MISLEAD SOMEONE, WHY WOULD I GO TO THE EXTRA TROUBLE TO CHECK OUT THE CONDITION OF THE COWL AND CHECK FOR LEAKS?)

Someone earlier mentioned that he thought the 1/4's were fiberglass - sorry, but they are production Mustang sheet metal - not fiberglass. So, there is the possibility of rust there as well.

I appreciate my friend that stood up for me - I think he was as P/O'd about the comments as I was. If you want to look at the car and judge for yourself the condition, feel free to write or e-mail. If you are unable to afford it, oh well ! As far as the reserve that was mentioned above - that is FALSE AS WELL - THIS PERSON DID NOT CALL ME OR SPEAK WITH ME AS HE STATED. He sent me an e-mail and asked for the reserve - I gave him a range of $6000 - $7000, and he apparently took that for $6500 as he stated above.

Thanks for this board and your time,

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