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Re:project car for sale

Let's get things straight here the 68 CS Ebay auction # 2433097341 is worth the reserve. I have seen the car and I have known the last two owners. I have known the current owner for about 6-7 years and he is a good friend of mine. He has high integrety and is a straight shooter, he tells it like he see's it. He never mentioned the water issue because neither I or any of you would have known it had been in two feet of water. All the water that was in the car after the storm, was vacuumed out about a day or two later. The water did not do any damage to the car except for the carpet and jute liner. These components were removed fairly quick to prevent any rust from starting. The storm did not caused the rust areas he explained in the auction, they had been there before. The cowl leak is very common in these early mustangs so it has to be fixed during the restoration. The little surface rust in 2-3 areas such as on the door and rear quarter are no more than a dime zise, so they should be easy to repair. The engine is out of the car and it shows no external rust. I talked to Jerry ealier today and he is planning to take the engine and have it checked out. He has a reserve of about $6500 - $7000 which includes about $1200-$1500 in new parts. Which in esence he is selling the car for only $5000. This is specially a very fair price for a California Special and is really worth more. Remember this is a C/S and not an ordinary mustang. Most project cars are not in this good a shape. I know because I have restorted a few in the last 25 years. So if you don't believe me come down to Texas and see it for yourself. So Duran, if you are interested in this car you will miss out if you don't buy it. Don't let some of these guys talk to you out of it when they don't know the facts or have not seen the car at all. I have....!!!
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