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Re:Fabulous Fords Forever 2004

I just recieved an application fron fabulous fords today, I don't know why, probably to advertise, but I noticed my number was 1410, and I think they are allowing only 1800 car to enter the show, so if you going to enter your CS, just download the application and fill it out and mail it like soon, its $25.00 plus you can get a great discount to Knotts Berry Farm. You also can get a discount at some of the hotels and lodges, just tell them your in the Fabulous Fords Forever show. for a one day show, It was great. Carroll Shelby, Dan Gurney, Graham Hill, and Parnelli Jones were there last year signing autographs, and are expected to be there this year also, and theres alot to do in this area around Knotts Berry Farm. Last year my family and I went to Knotts Berry Farm on Sat. and then on Sun, after the car show, we went to the, Mid Evil Times, for dinner. That was a total blast. If you never have been, you will have to check it out. I'm still working on a meeting place for Sunday Morning Meet for those already going. Still need to know who will be a show before the show. Just let me know.
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