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Question '68 radio installation question ...

Well, hopefully one of the "pros" on this site (maybe Neil or Ron or Marty?) can answer this one for me!
Up here in Canada we can get "collector plates" on older vehicles which allow us to insure the car for the entire year at a very much reduced cost. The vehicle must be basically "factory stock" or if modified in any way it must be with the use of period correct factory or aftermarket parts. I'm applying to get "collector plate" status for our GT/CS and ICBC (our Provincial auto insurance corporation) has no problem with our car other than the non-stock stereo which is currently in it. I need to swap it out for a stock '68 Ford radio and so I bought one from a member of our local Mustang club that has a part number of "8TPZ 345249" which decodes: 8=68, T=AM radio, P=Philco mfg. and Z=Mustang. The "345249" number that follows apparently denotes the "chassis" number for the radio and this is where my question comes in. After pulling apart the lower console and removing the stereo, this factory stock AM Ford Philco radio that SHOULD be correct for a '68 Mustang won't fit!

The knobs appear to be about 3/4" too wide and will not fit through either the metal console backing plate or the black vinyl console pad. The faceplate and the tuner buttons on this radio are also too large to fit through the openings on either the metal plate or the console pad too. It has me thinking that maybe there was a different chassis number for the radio that was designed to fit into a lower console, and maybe the AM radio that I have is designed to fit into the upper dash plate? Hopefully someone a bit more experienced with these various Ford part numbers can shed some light on this one and tell me what radio part number (or chassis number?) I need to find that will fit into the lower console on our car ...?
Many thanks in advance!

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