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New Memebr

Hello! New member here. Sort of. I must have been a member back in 2002-2005 as the GTCS I owned is on the registry here. I really regret selling that car (8R01C150125) and am now interested in getting another 1968 GTCS. I am trying to figure out what these cars are worth now. I found the price guide here on the site but it is about 15 years old.

In 2002, I bought a 1968 GTCS that was pretty much a stock trailer queen. I took a Silver in the Councours Trailered Class in the Mustang Grand Nationals in 2004. I would have gotten Gold if I had the correct air cleaner Assembly. I paid $19,500 for it. I sold it in 2005 for $42k after putting about $500 into it. The car was Red with a black vinyl top and Saddle interior. Upper and lower consoles, PS/PB, air conditioning, Marchan Fog Lights and a 289 2V with a C4 Automatic. It also had the Shelby 10 spoke wheels which I loved. I saw it advertised for sale a couple years later and the 10 spokes were gone and it had the chrome GT wheels. Now, I just found that Bonhams auctioned it in London in 2013 and it sold for $24,285 USD which included the premium! Here is the link which has some pictures. The air cleaner is now correct.
Then, in 2015 it sold for 27,563 pounds in England which, given the exchange rate on the sale date would have equated to $42,752 (USD) Here is the link: As you can see, it still seems to be a number one car.

So, having recently sold my 1955 Chevy Bel Air 2 Dr. Hardtop, I am in the hunt for another GTCS. I am hoping to find one that is in number one or very nice number two condition. However, not sure what they are realistically worth. The Hagerty price guide indicates $$40,700 for a number one and $36,400 for a number two. Add 10% for a four speed, 6% for air, -10% for a six and -5% for an automatic.

I ran across a very nice one for sale. Probably a One minus as a few of the under carriage components show a little rust. A 390 4-speed. No PS, AC or console. The dealer is asking $59,900. Here is a link to the ad.

What would other members think of this price? Seems like other cars I have seen for sale in the number 2- or 3 category have been priced more in line with the Hagerty price guide. I realize this is a dealer which would probably ad $5k to the price. Not sure how much the 390 adds. Honestly, I would rather have a 289/C4 and have a console and PS. But could live with this one if I could get it at a fair price.

I plan on sending Silverstone Auctions an email letting them know that I was a prior owner and would be interested in getting the car back. They could (if they would) send my contact info to the current and he/she could get back to me if they were interested in selling. It would probably cost $4,000 to get it shipped here to Chicago. Maybe more.

I would really like to get other memberís opinions as to what GTCS cars are really worth based on equipment/condition. Thanks in advance for your help!

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