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Not that I am looking for trouble, I just expected a bit more controversy over this Frankin-Car. One suggestion of where I went wrong with the emblems is all? ( I agree but went with my wife out to the car and with her advice they were placed. ) I'm still undecided on fender moldings, black stripe on trunk and corners with Mustang on right side. I did not want to copy the 68 but just take some of what I liked and add it to this car. You wont hurt my feelings by saying you don't like something but may say me to change it some. I also think it looks more in proportion in person than in the photos. There were some things that I just had to do like the fog lights I wanted more centered but the 69 grill angels out at the top, so even though I made a custom grill it still had to fit the overall design of the original. It is also a very low budget build so many of the parts were left over from other cars I built. Please suggest away at things you would change or just don't like at all. Jeff
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