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My Garage
I think there is a very logical explanation for the worms. If your car is in a typical garage with an overhead garage door, the worms come out of the ground when it rains heavily enough for the ground to get saturated. They crawl along on the pavement and sometimes come up against the bottom edge of the door. Because they are small and pretty squishy, they can get right under the door. I find them on my garage floor all the time. They are usually dried up and hard. If your car has an oil leak, the ones that end up in the oil puddles will stay hydrated even though they are dead.

I use 4 litres of GTX 10/30 in my GT/CS, along with 500 ml of EOS to replace the zinc no longer in the oil.

For antifreeze, good old Prestone.

Steve Cracknell
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