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Re:Instrument bezel/cluster

Well folks, I'm getting my feet wet here, so to speak. This is my third try at replying and I have no idea where the other two went. I have to admit that I am in a little over my head when it comes to computers. Our special has been listed on this site pretty much from the beginning and it is featured on page two of the gallery. Jon, the site has come a long ways since we first spoke. Congradulations to you and the support of those who use the site. I would like to reply to Eric's question on the dash cluster. I found that once I removed all of the screws from the cluster, including the nut on the back of the right side of the bezel, which must be removed before the cluster will come out, that if I pulled the slack of the cable from the transmission towards the firewall it would allow the cluster to come out far enough to get a wrench on the nut. Regarding the "high beam pony". my repo beazel had the pony but when I turned on the highbeams, the indicator light was extreamly bright. When I sized up the original beazel, the reverse side of the pony was ( painted? ) black which reduced the brightness. No way was I pulling the cluster again to paint it, so, I removed the pony from the old beazel and if you can picture this, I sliced it in half and glued it to the new pony. Works perfectly and you would never know it was there. I hope this is of some help. Dave
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