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Thanks Mike for taking on being CS Registrar.

Here's my $0.02...

It really seems that in this day and age that the only registry should be an on-line registry. A hard copy is a nice-to-have but IMO unnecessary.

Here's just a proposal. Certainly better ideas or more easily implementable ideas may (likely?) exist.

In my mind there should be a couple of goals for getting the registry in shape...

(1) Make the Registry as complete as possible, as quickly as possible, and as easily as possible.

Toward that end I'd suggest taking the Registry information in the back of Paul's book and creating an on-line entry for each car with this minimum info already included. This snapshots on-line the basic info that currently exists. Now this is a lot of work... unless you use OCR or have someone's energetic teenager working for minimum wage... or both

(2) Have the owners add as much detail as they'd like.

Lock the entries for the general public but allow owners to access their own car's entry to add details, history, photos, etc. This could be done by having an owner emailing Mike a scanned copy of a Marti report, invoice, etc. to prove ownership. Then Mike provides a unique password to that owner to unlock his car's entry to edit it.

When ownership passes to someone else the new owner either just gets the password from the old owner or else emails a Marti, etc to Mike to prove ownership and gets a new password.

(3) Anyone not already in the Registry sends a scanned Marti, etc to Mike and he provides a new clean entry for their car.


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