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I think I have the complete picture now. First lets address the starting. Regardless of total timing that engine should lite right off. Dial in about 10 to 12 degrees of initial timing. You have not indicated whether the carb has an electric or manual choke. You have run it enough that the carb should be full of gas. A normal stock 289 with an auto choke wants 2 full pumps on the gas and then keep you foot off the gas and it should start and kick up on a fast idle. Your 347 more that likely can stand about 4 complete pumps on the gas pedal. It should lite right off. If not then a couple more pumps. Certainly you have tried this. The other guys in the thread have bigger carbs that are more performance based and thus a bit “fatter” (richer) than your carb. They start well cold due to being a bit richer and their accelerator pumps deliver a lot more per pump. They be into going real fast. 12.19 in the quarter is way fast!!!! It is important that your carb have a good choke to help it start. It is lean for you application, but that carb works great on a stock 350 Chevy (puke). They don’t need much gas cause they don’t go fast and are broke most of the time…..

Give me some info on you choke and we can go into way more details. By the way, David suggested a professional. He can really help!! Not sure if he is close to you.

Once the start problem is taken care of you may need to re-jet it. It can work on your engine, really.

Now, I will take the liberty to tell you what I would do if this were my car. Man you got all the pieces to incrementally build a Chevy stomper. At this point I would spring for minimally a set of JBA shorty headers. No clearance problems and way better flow. Those stock manifolds are going to hold you way back. If you are hard set on them, sell the motor and put in a bone stock 302. Long tubes would be better yet, but they can create some ground clearance problems. I have hooker super comps on my 67 mustang and they are very low. I have JBA shorty’s on my GT/CS (under scrutiny on my other thread for authenticity). My GT/CS has the same intake and heads you have with a crane retro hydraulic roller and a Holley street avenger 670-CFM carb. Not as fast as the other guys in the thread, but it gets it done.

Next I would get a Mallory or MSD distributor with adjustable advance curves. A compatible coil or even one of those DUI distributors with the coil built in. Now you can widen the spark plug gap, but don’t go crazy, 040 to .042. Even though you have the coil power most of the guys I work with don’t go anywhere near .050 or above. That 68 distributor is the smog one. Centrifugal advance would need “recurving” to support what you are doing.

I would buy the vacuum secondary 670 Street Avenger for it with an electric choke. Mine is a bit fat on my 302, but it would be perfect on yours.

You have spent a big chunk on this 347 and you need to fit it with the final pieces. Or change the cam and put on stock heads and intakes and put the money elsewhere.

If you make the above changes and later add an AOD and some 3:50 gears, look out. Better have a posi and ask David or Joe about drag radials!!! You will need them!!

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