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those cam specs are a little more mild than mine:
.544/.560" with 232/242 duration at .05" lift (peak horsepower 6500rpm)

i dont know what your compression ratio is....but could it be your starter?...i bought a high torque starter to crank over mine because it has a 10:1compression ratio...i believe it takes more torque to turn over the 347 than a 289 or 302 and i know it takes more torque to turn over motors with high compression ratios

as far as the initial timing goes....right now im at 16 degrees...but it might ping if i drive it on a hot day...i've had it set between 10-14 degrees before, so your 10 degrees should be fine.

i have a holley 4779C (750 mech sec) and i pump the gas pedal two full times and i just tap it once more as im cranking it and it starts, then i give it a little gas initially to keep the idle up because i do not use a choke

what spark plugs are you running? what is your spark gap? what is your ignition coil?

im running autolite 3924s with anywhere from .040" to .050" gap with a MSD Blaster Coil
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