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Re:Just a thought on how to improve some of our exposure and maybe our pockets..

[quote author=jbsteven link=board=3;threadid=2093;start=0#msg14112 date=1125624752]
I can see the argument now.............

there is a huge key scratch on my $5000 paint job, paint the whole thing for me before I pick it up. Bad scene

I see too many negatives compared to the positives

It's such a cynical world in which we live.

Jason, is this $6,000 paint job on your $20,000 Mustang or your $120,000 Mercedes?

How and why would someone key the car in a Ford dealer's showroom? Are there some strange people in the world who would do such a thing? Sure there are but good lord what are the odds? I think the odds are greater that some drunk might plow into one of our precious cars so I guess we had better just leave them in our garages and never drive them. Can't take the risk.

On the flip-side I agree that if someone has a GT/CS with a virgin $6,000 paint job leaving the car unattended for a weekend may be less than prudent, but I also think that such a situation is the exception instead of the rule. Hell, I'd love to get a new paint job for free because some punk keyed the car in front of dozens of people in a new car dealership!
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