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robert campbell
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Yet another 1967 Firebird. Very nice rust free restoration of a bird that was stored for over 25 years. Owner had numerous complaints from poor acceleration rattles and oil leaks. No choke and other starting issues.

He had two original Rochester Quadrajet carbs and the original intake. He was leaning towards a more factory look, so off came the intake and on the original with the proper divorce choke and a thorough going through. New brass float and other Rochester Q-jets tricks were done. These carbs are very simple and I have great success with them. They were pulled off in the droves and replaced with Holley's in the 70's. They are very good carbs and valuable these days for the numbers match crowd.

While the intake was off I replaced the valley pan gasket and cured one leak. The other was the left valve cover and I added some valve cover bolt spreaders to provide a more even torque. Pretty much oil on the floor free now!

Rattles were exhaust related and cured. Adjusted the clutch and the shifter for the 4 speed. This is a 10.5 to 1 compression ratio 400 Pontiac that goes like stink now!! when I got it the throttle linkage was so out of adjustment that he barely opened the secondary's. He has them all in now!!

Owner hated to drive it with its problems. He is ecstatic now and loves his bird!!


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