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Originally Posted by hookedtrout
That is pretty cool and it stirred an idea in my ever creative mind. I host a fly fishing club and quite frequently I hold fly swaps, which means everyone ties up some flies for fishing and we send them to the host and he distributes them back out so everyone else gets to see everyone's tying abilities. Not something that fits in here but this photo gave me an idea.

What if we hosted an online GT/CS photo contest. Doesn't have to be any prizes involved just anyone that wants to enter gets out his/her digital camera or borrows one and takes some cool shots of a CS or CS parts and photo chops it into some outrageous cool picture and enter in the contest. Be kind of fun and as long as no one took their work overly serious (should be a requirement that anything entered becomes public here for members) we could use the results as more puter wallpaper for our every day dull lives at work, at least those of us sitting staring into the computer the biggest share of our day. Might have to wait till summer around here, as my CS is tucked deep under a car cover in the garage trying to keep warm but it sounds like a fun creative thing to do to me.

What does everyone else think?

I'm game.


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