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Sea Foam Green

Hi, I got the marti Report and it it all that I was told about.. but my car has a different color than what I am planning to do.. the car is originally Sea foam green with Ivy Gold interior, but since the color ir a little weird (here is the question ) I decided to go for Wimbledon White and Ivy gold. But sometimes I get dizzy thinking to change it to the original color, now is the time to decide, in fact, I have 1 week before they start paiting my car... the interior I do like Ivy gold.. it looks very nice ( I think... and I have to say I decided thx to Donna with her interior ) but sometimes when I see the Sea foam cars, sometimes it looks like white, sometimes looks like hulk's throw up, first of all I want to get my head clear, do you have any pictures of a seafoam green that you know it is the original color(the Barret Jackson 49k dls looks very nice, but you find pictures and it looks horrible in other cars... which is the truth???). What would you do... Wimbledon White and Ivy gold(light and med) or Sea foam with ivy gold ( Light and med).

Speaking of that I have to tell that the sprint Version in sea foam it is very rare... only 97 were ordered with that ( could be the ugly color ??? ) according and I found that my car had a lot of things missing that it was factory made...
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