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In my 1996 Registry book, I told about a letter I received from Lew Spencer in 1990, Shelby's Trans-Am leader for '68--that they tried to use the spoiler decklid and endcaps on one of the '68 Trans Am cars; claiming the GT/CS was the production car that allowed them to do that.

The Javelin team didn't like that (even though they had their own custom spoiler), so the rules guys told the Shelby team that it had to go. So, overnight, they took the stuff off, and acted like it never happened.

Since the Shelby team couldn't use thier own engines, they had a hard time winning in '68, blowing up, they decided to pull the Javelin's chain and give them a hard time for fun.

This was about as close that the GT/CS was in Trans Am racing--one day!

More about this in the new book...

Paul N.
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