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Just did this exact conversion myself. My car was also a lower console car. I sold it to another site member. Neil is right on in his post. The console shifter has the little nylon rod that attaches to a bracket low on the shifter stalk to drag the light back and forth in the console. You had this I am sure. You need a 67/68 shifter from a non-console car. It has a “bigger bracket” with a square hole punched in it. It also has an “offset” linkage on the bottom side that the 65/66 car does not have. The 65/66 shifter is bottom linkage is straight down with no offset and will not work. There is a special metal housing that holds the shift indicator light and snaps into this square hole. Now the light moves with the shifter stalk. So you need to ensure that you get the light housing from the non-console shifter. It plugs directly into your original harness with a wire to ground. You will also need your harness for the back light in the console. I love mine and will show you a pic later today.

The 67/68 bezel is different than the 65/66. The early cars are “green dot cruise-a-matics” and have green dot in the 2nd gear indicator. When the early car is in “D” for drive it starts out in second gear. If you put it in the second position it starts in low and shifts all three gears. The thought was to provide the driver with a second gear start for driving in the snow I heard??? Weird, huh….

I got a used one for my car and rebuilt it as stated in the thread. Let me dig around and see if I can get another.

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